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cbbc and you can also find parkie power there aswell =]

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On cbbc where did the game terrible triplets come from?

Level Up

What website can you find the games parkie power and terrible triplets?

cbbc , im trying to find what thing though because they were on this world thing werent they YES! I've been looking everywhere whats the website called where its like a world thing??

How do you get triplets on the sims 2?

to get triplets on the sims 2 you need to download a triplets and quads hack that allows you to have more then twins. the patch can be found on this website:,18.0.html

Julia donaldson created a creature with terrible tusks and terrible claws and terrible teeth in his terrible jaws what is the creatures name?

The Gruffalo... Official website here -

How do you spell triplets?


What is bacterias role in the sulfur cycle?

this website is terrible

Was Noahs sons triplets?

No they were not triplets.

What is 'triplets' when translated from English to Italian?

"Triplets" in English is triplette in Italian.

How do you have triplets on the sims 2?

the only way to have triplets in the Sims 2 is to have a mod for the game. you can download it from this website,18.0.html hope this helped, good luck :)

What were the level up games on cbbc called?

I can only remember two names. Parkie Power and Terrible Triplets can still be played on the CBBC website: If anyone knows where to find the other games (there was one about dog walking and another one in a supermarket) please tell me!!! They were so addictive.

How can you get triplets the sims2?

You can not have triplets on the Sims 2.

Does a mom have triplets?

Yes a mom can have triplets.

What year was the subway invented?

1863. This website is terrible for school.

What are the chances you will have triplets?

Chance of having 'natural' triplets: 1 in 8,100 (only about 30% of triplets are 'natural')

What happens if you have triplets and one dies?

this was mensioned in a series of unfortunate events book the 5th i think that if you have triplets and one dies you must still ref-ere to them as triplets as the were born triplets so triplets they shall remain

What rhymes with triplets?

triplets rhymes with chicklets and piglets.

Who has triplets on friends?

Pheobe has triplets in season 5.

How many babies are triplets?

Triplets are three babies.

What is the possessive plural form of triplets?

Triplets with the apostrophe outside the s like this: triplets' or like "I bumped the triplets' heads when I dropped them." The content of the sentence is dangerous, but you get me lol

What was the world called on cbbc with terrible triplets and parkie power?

Level Up ! I loved that world. If anyone knows anywhere where i can play that supermarket game, please tell me. x

Can a horse have triplets?

No, they physically cannot have triplets. They can, however, have twins.

What comes after triplets there are twins then triplets then what comes after that?

quadruplets (4)

Is Vanessa having triplets?

Never vanessa will never have triplets

Can your horse on Howrse have triplets?

It is not possible to produce triplets on Howrse.

Who are the soccer triplets in the Bank of America commercial?

Sifuentes triplets

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