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Try the can get anything without a prescription

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What kind of fertility drug was Kate Gosselin taking?

Kate Gosselin did IUI, IntraUterine Insemination. The most common drug used for IUI is Clomid.

What is the procedure after taking clomid if you havent fell pregnant?

Most generally, your dr. will start at the lowest dose{50mg}, after 1-2 cycles without conception, clomid is increased to 100mg. most generally, 6 cycles is max. dr. increases dose with each cycle--majority of women have conceived after second dose increase. However, if no luck, dr. will combine clomid with another fertility drug for attempt at conception normally after a series of more extensive fertility tests. Hope i helped.

What aid is available to improve fertility in women suffering from endometriosis?

Clomid, a fertility drug, can aid women with endometriosis. Clomid encourages ovulation in women so that there is a greater chance of conception. If used with fertility drugs, intrauterine insemination is beneficial. The process involves injecting the sperm straight into the uterus. With in-vitro fertilization the entire process happens externally from the body. The sperm and egg is matched in a lab as opposed to taking place in the body. That way nothing affects the chances of conception.

Can you buy the fertility drug clomid at a pharmacy store and if not can you get any fertility drugs at a pharmacy?

Yes you can buy it at most pharmacies, but only with a prescription. Nearly every drug can be bought online just do a web search. However you must be under a doctor's care. Clomiphene is extremely dangerous to use except under the direction of a fertility expert as it may induce super ovulation (lots of eggs being produced) which may cause damage to your ovaries or you may conceive lots of embryos and miscarry them all. Clomid is used for women who are not ovulating so it is not a cure-all for infertility, the exact cause has to be investigated. With a prescription, you can buy any fertility medication at a local pharmacy. Just call a pharmacy and ask if they are willing to order it for you. Remember - "with a prescription." Any fertility drug that is prescribed by a doctor is not sold OTC. Fertilaid is sold only online. Fertility Blend, Pro-creation can be found in herbal shops, GNC, Vitamin Shoppe. These fertility pills doesn't require a doctor's prescription.

Can you get fertility drugs from a drug store?

You will likely need a prescription for an effective drug.

Is gonal f a good fertility drug?


How good is clomiphene a good fertility drug?


How can FSH be used as a fertility drug?

FSH can be used as a fertility drug because it stimulates eggs to mature in the ovary and so increases the womans chance of getting pregnant.

What is the best drug treatment center in the US?

Malibu Horizon is voted as the best drug treatment center in the US. You can check out its website at

Why people use fertility drugs?

If you cannot have a baby that is the next best thing. The chemicals in the drug helps your eggs losen up so they can be fertilized.

How long does fertility drug hcg stay in your system?

2 weeks

Can you get pregnant while on bromocriptine?

Yes that is what it's for, it's a fertility drug.

You ordered clomid 50mg and they were orange tablet all you hear is that they supposed to be white any one help me .?

go to yahoo and look up pill identification and it will give you a drug info sight and it will tell you if they are really clomid or not!

If your period is irregular are you still able to get pregnant?

Yes. I've never had regular periods and I got pregnant with my first son on accident, then after trying for a year for another one, my husband and I went to a fertility doctor, I was put on a drug called clomid and I conceived fraternal twins in less than three cycles after I started! It's important to find out if you're ovulating when you actually do have a period, because if you ovulate you can get pregnant! Clomid is the drug that makes you ovulate if you aren't, so ask your doctor about it if you have several negative ovulation tests. Good luck!!

What is the best website for buying webkinz?

eBay. sometimes or a gift shop, card shop, and a drug store. Example ( value drug mart or London drugs.)

What are the top ten reasons to remain drug free?

i dont have ten reasons for you but the best way to stay drug free is to scare yourself by learning about the true details about the drug you are considering. The best way to find information about this is either to google the drug or go to this website tells you why to not get involved in these types of things

Can you get sperm from someone who has passed away so you can get that fertility drug to impregnate you?

no...........8 cant be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, no...........8 cant be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

How likely can someone with PCOS get pregnant without fertility drugs?

It is possible to get pregnant with PCOS without the use of fertility drugs. You may be prescribed Metformin (a diabetes medication, not fertility drug) to help regulate your blood sugar and balance your hormones, causing more regular cycles.

What is right fertility program?

Fertility programs are greatly beneficial for women dealing with infertility. These programs aredesigned to guide you with the right fertility nutrition and health practices to regain yourfertility. However, to have a hassle-free experience, it is important to trust the right program. Aprogram that aims for natural methods and drug-free fertility nutrition is the ideal kind. Suchprograms help maintain your basal temperature, normalize your menstrual cycle, andeventually get back your fertility through the right nutrition.

What is the exact definition of chlomid?

Chlomid is the trademark for the drug clomiphene. This drug is used for fertility purposes. It stimulates ovulation and the most well known side effect is multiple births.

What is the best drug for fibromyalgia?

There is no one best drug for the treatment of Fibromyalgia. There are many drugs used and the best drug for one person may not be the best drug for another. It is important to find a knowledgeable physician that can help you find the right drug combination to help you.

Does Clomid increase your chance of a miscarriage?

Hi! I've been told by my new RE that yes, it can increase the chance of m/c. This is b/c the drug will thin your lining of the uterus, causing the embryo to not attach that well. I suffered two m/c's after taking clomid both times. Good luck to you!

What king of drug education do you think work best and which do not work?

the best drug education is the experimental one where you actually try out the drug and experiment the drug for yourself.

How can one contact drug rehab services?

One can contact drug rehab services by going to the Find Treatment website. The website describes multiple options that one can use to contact drug rehab services.

Does amoxicillin help with getting pregnant?

No, antibiotics is not a fertility drug and does not help you getting pregnant unless you are on the pill which antibiotics make have no effect.

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