Best Answer is an online middle and high school they have more then 170 teacher-supported online courses and the courses can be taken on your own schedule.

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Q: What website will let me take middle school online?
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Where can I find a driving school online ?

You can easily find a driving school online on the following website : find-a-driving-school. A/ This website allows you to find a driving school in your city or lets you take free practice tests.

What is a good school to take online graduate courses? is one online school which offers graduate courses online. is also another website of an online school which offers graduate courses.

Can teens take high school classes online?

Yes they certainly can. They have an online website where teens can take highschool classes and complete it for their high school diploma.

Can my child do middle school through an online course?

There in fact are online courses your child can take for middle school.Some are advertised on television.You should check them out to see if they are accredited in your state.

Can middle school studnets take class online?

This link offers choices to do middle school through online courses. It also offers courses for high school as well, should you find you prefer this and want to continue your education in this manner.

How long does the whole process for getting a grant for an online school take?

It depends on the school you are requesting a grant from. You may want to go to the website of your online school to get more information from a professional counselor.

Is keystone high school legitimate?

Keystone High School is a legitimate school. The school is an online school and is accredited by all colleges. You also take middle school classes through Keystone.

How long does it take to complete online middle school?

What happens is that a student submits their work on a regular basis to a website in order to receive credit. The amount of time it takes is largely dependent of the pace and level of the student.

Can students take their school classes at home instead of going to school?

Yes, you can, but the only way you can is if they have an online website. If they do then they should have a special link that has to do with your class.

Can I take a phlebotomy course online or do I have to go to school?

I believe you can take your course online or a 3 day short course. There is a great website that offers a lot of information on phlebotomy course.

Can you take traffic school online in Colorado?

Hey....Of course you can take an online traffic school in Colorado.

What middle school did Diary of a Wimpy Kid take place?

Westmore middle school

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