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Q: What wedges does Fiona Glenanne wear in the Burn Notice commercial?
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What kind of car does Fiona Glenanne drive on 'Burn Notice'?

Fiona Glenanne drives a black Saab 9-3. She also drives a blue Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

When was Fiona Glenanne created?

Fiona Glenanne was created in 2007.

Does Fiona return for burn notice season 6?

Fiona Glenanne, portrayed by Gabrielle Anwar, is present for every season of Burn Notice.

What sunglasses does Fiona glenanne wear in season 5 of burn notice?

Dolce And Gabbana

What sunglasses does Fiona Glenanne wear in 'Burn Notice'?

The sunglasses Fiona wears are Burberry BE4004. She also wears Dolce & Gabbana 8018 in several episodes in the second season.

What brand are Fiona's shoes in the burn notice commercial?


Does Michael Weston have a girlfriend on burn notice?

Fiona Glenanne, who Michael met in Ireland, was his girlfriend in the past and they became involved with each other later on in the show. Currently, they are living in Michael's loft together.

What type of gun does Fiona throws to Michael in burn notice commercial?

It's a Beretta Tomcat.

What kind of cars are driven on 'Burn Notice'?

* Michael Westen's primary car is a black 1972 Dodge Charger. Fiona Glenanne's primary car is a black Saab 9-3 Sam Axe's primary car is a blue grey 2008 Cadillac CTS

Who is Fiona in ford commercial?

She is the actress whom got the job to be in the ford commercial.

Who plays Fiona in burn notice?

Gabrielle Anwar

Who is the actress Fiona on Burn Notice?

Gabrielle Anwar.

Who plays Fiona on burn notice?

Gabrielle Anwar.

What bracelets does Fiona wear on Burn Notice?

Chan Lu

The brunette in new KFC commercial?

Fiona Sheehan

Who is singing on wicked attraction commercial?

it may be Melanie Fiona

Who is the girl in the Florida marching band in the ESPNU commercial?

Fiona Dourif

What is the song for wicked attraction commercial?

Bang Bang By Melanie Fiona

What is the song on the commercial for deadly women?

Bang Bang by Melanie Fiona

What is the girls name in the ford commercial with Mike Rowe?

Fiona Doran

Who sings the citibank commercial song?

Fiona Apple. (Everyday song)

What kind of car is Fiona's new car on on Burn Notice?

Hyundai Genesis Coupe

What does Fiona in Burn Notice use as her preferred hand gun?

Sig Sauer P226

Do Fiona and Michael from burn notice ever get married?

no they haven't gotten married as of yet (season 6)

What kind of Hyundai is in burn notice?

The car Fiona drives is a Hyundai genesis coupe