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What were Amelia Earhart's parents like?

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They were both very good to Amelia.

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Amelia earhart's parents are edwin and Amy Otis.

Edwin Stanton Earhart and Amelia Otis

her mom amie and her dad edwin

Amelia's parents were Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart and Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart.

Mr. and Mrs. Earhart or maybe it was mom and dad

Amelia Mary Earhart parents were Samuel "Edwin" Stanton Earhart (March 28, 1867) and Amelia "Amy" Otis Earhart (1869-1962)

Amelia Earhart died on 5 January 1939.

what was life in amelia earharts hometown like at this time

Amelia did not have a brother.

they never found amelia earharts plane but the goverment is planning a search for her in 2013

Amelia Earhart was a sweet child. But she did not have any favorite parent. She loved both parents the same.

Amelia was smart, practical and determined.

Her father worked for a number of railroads. Apparently her mother never worked.

She loved cupcakes and perfered vinalla.

Her full name was Amelia Mary Earhart.

Amelia Earhart aviotion pioneer

Her mother was Amelia Otis Earhart.

what was Amelia Earhart's early work

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