What were Barbara Jordan's friends?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What were Barbara Jordan's friends?
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What was Barbara jordans home?


What was Barbara jordans nickname?


Who was Barbara jordans husband?

James matherson

What was Barbara Jordans husbands name?

Mr. Jordan

What was Barbara jordans kids names?

Noodles, Johny Lopez, and Dood

Where is Barbara Jordans hometown?

Barbera Jordan was born in Houston, Texas. Hope this helps!

Who is Barbara Jordans real mom?

Her real moms name is Virginia King Hoffman she was born 1922.

What has the author Anna L Littleboy written?

Anna L. Littleboy has written: 'A history of Jordans' -- subject(s): Historic buildings, History, Jordans Meeting House (Jordans, Buckinghamshire), Society of Friends

What were Barbara jordans hobbies and intersts?

This website is Horrible why install an app in you can search online???

What are the names of Barbara Jordans parents?

(father)benjamin jordan,a baptist minister (mother) arlyne jordan, a "domestic worker

What was Barbara jordans obstacles?

Barbra Jordan was a young woman who faced segregation. She also suffered from a crippling disease called Multiple sclerosis.

Were Elizabeth Montgomery and Barbara Eden friends?

Yes, it appears that Elizabeth Montgomery from Bewitchedand Barbara Eden from I Dream of Jeannie were friends.