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Demeter does not have one.

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Who is Apollo's aunt?

On Zeus' side: Hera Hestia Demeter On Leto's side: Asteria

How did Demeter reveal her human side?

Demeter is a Greek goddess and does not have a "human side"; if you mean humane, most of the Greek gods and goddesses showed many sides depending upon events.

What does a weak play mean in football and does it mean the play is not as good like weak as in a weak counter?

A play is a "weak" play when it is run to the weak side of the field. This means that the play is run to the side of the field with less players. Usually weak plays are run to the side opposite the tight end in the standard football pro-style formation. If the formation is balanced meaning equal players on both sides of the football the weak side is considered to be the opposite side of the natural throwing motion of the quarterback.

Who is Athena's aunt?

Athena's aunts [Zeus' side]: Hera, Hestia and Demeter.

What is a weakside in basketball?

A weak side is the side of a basketball player which does not have their dominant hand. For example, if you are defending somebody and you know they are right handed, you can force them to use their left hand, which is their weak side.

What are they the god of Demeter?

There was no "god of Demeter", Demeter was a Greek goddess.

Is flanker on tight end side?

The flanker position is on the "weak side" of the formation.

Who were Demeter husband?

Demeter did not have a husband. Demeter had a consort in Iasion and Karmanor.

What is a good slogan for Demeter the goddess?

Demeter the meter! come see Demeter heaters!

Is Demeter a good or bad person?

Demeter is not a person, Demeter is a Greek goddess.

Who is Demeter marrried to?

Demeter was not married. Demeter had two consorts in Karmanor and Iasion.

What position in football is a WLB?

"WLB" is an abbreviation for "Weak-side Linebacker" (nicknamed "Will"), which is usually the linebacker that lines up next to the Middle Linebacker on the "weak" (side of the o-line opposite where the tight end is) side.

What is the difference between a weak side linebacker and a strong side linebacker?

The strong side of an offense is considered to be the side that the tight end lines up on. So a strong side linebacker would be playing defense on the side of the field that the tight end is lined up and the weak side linebacker would be playing on the other side of the field.

Is Demeter a roman name?

No. Demeter is a Greek name. The Roman name for Demeter is Ceres.

Is the god Demeter a boy or a girl?

Demeter is a girl. Demeter was a Greek goddess of agriculture.

What is Demeter the god of?

Demeter Is the Goddess Of Agriculture.

Was Demeter a virgin goddess?

No, she was not. Demeter had children.

Who does Demeter protect?

demeter protects the harvest

Who was Demeter a resident of?

Demeter lived on Olympus.

Who was Demeter husban?

Demeter had consorts, she did not marry.

Was Demeter marrried?

No Demeter never married

Was Demeter a real person?

Demeter can be a persons name, but the Demeter of Greek myth was a goddess not a person.

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