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What were Heracles tasks?


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the 12 labors:


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Heracles/Hercules was originally required to do only 10 tasks. However King Eurystheus of Mycene refused to count 2 of the tasks for various reasons.

King Eurystheus of Mycenae.

Hera made him temporarily insane so he killed his wife and children. The 12 tasks were his punishment.

compleate 12 tasks which are given too him from a king

Heracles, a.k.a. Hercules, is best known for the 12 tasks he was told to do, more specifically killing the hydra and nemean lion

Perseus the gorgon slayer 12 tasks of Heracles the Odyssey the Iliad

He's not necessarily the god of something he just became a god by doing 12 tasks for Eurytheseus!

heracles(roman name hercules) is the son of Zeus(god) and Alcmene(mortal), making him a hero- half god and half man. when heracles killled his children, from being droven made by jealous Hera, he was given 12 tasks, or labors, to do for king Eurystheus, Heracles cousin. Heracles was deprived of inheritance to king by Hera. when heracles had died, his mortal self was sent to Hades and his god self was given a life in Mount Olympus, living as the god of strength. he married Hera's daughter, Hebe, who was the goddess of youth. Hera and Heracles got along back when he was mortal when Heracles saved Hera from being raped by the giants.

Heracles was a demigod, born from a mortal mother, Alcmena and the almighty king of the gods, Zeus. Heracles was believed to have inhuman strength, courage and ingenuity. He accomplished 12 tasks set for him by King Eurystheus (who had claimed Heracles' throne) which became know as the Twelve Labors of Heracles. He was hated by Zeus' wife, Hera and she tormented him, driving him mad enough to kill his and Megara's (his wife) children and later his best friend, Iphitus, as revenge for her husband's infidelities.

That series of tasks was called the 12 labors of Hercules, and each one seemed impossible.

A myth; as it recalls the ancient Greek religion passed down to us as myths. It is, however, legendary in fame.

Yes, in a way. She drove Heracles/Hercules into a fit of madness, so he killed his wife and children. Afterwards, when he discovered what he had done, he did the 12 labors as a way of redeeming himself. The king Eurystheus was the one who gave him those tasks.

Deianeira who had 6 kids with Heracles

Heracles had 55 children

Heracles was not a goddess. A goddess is female.

Hercules (Heracles) was driven mad by Hera, and killed his family. To redeem himself, he did the twelve tasks which would purify him.

Hercules or Heracles is a Greek/Roman hero

Heracles posses great strenghth

Heracles was a Greek God.

Glory of Heracles happened in 2008.

The Return of Heracles was created in 1983.

The Return of Heracles happened in 1983.

Heracles is greek yes, but the roman of heracles is the info by reading percyjackson and heroes of olympus.

It was the Romans who called Heracles Hercules, its Roman name. Hercules was the Roman equivalent of Heracles. Needless to say that the Greeks used the name Heracles.

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