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Japan s attack on American pearl harbor.colonialism

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Japans World War 2 emperor?

Emperor Hirohito.

What was the result of Japans invation into other countries?

World War.

What was Japan's Achilles heel during World War 2?

What was japans achillies heel in world war two

How was Japans economy after World War 2?

Japan's economy after World War II was extremely poor. We had to support them.

What were Japans motives in World War 2?

Domination of the East and the Pacific.

Who was japans emperor during World War II?

Emperor Hirohito

Why was hirohito important to world war 2?

because he was japans emperor

What were Japans reasons for fighting us in World War 2?


WHAT were japans reasons for entering World War II?

they ate potatotes

How was japans dictatorship during World war 2?

Japan had an Emporer.

Who was japans general during World War II?

General Tojo

Who helped Japans economic recovery after World War 2?


How did japans economy boom after World War II?

An increase in manufacturing.

Who was japans leader in World War 1?

Hirohito was Emperor from 1926 to 1989.

What was japans motive for joining World War 2?

racism, resouces, revenge

What were japans attitudes during World War 2?

The same as Germany's; they were destined to rule.

Who was japans president in world war 2?

Emperor Hirohito and Prime Minister Tojo

What country stood in japans way during the World War 2?

The United States.

What was Japans and US relations during World War 2?

They weren't freinds i can tell you that......

Why did japan bring the US into world war 2?

Japans airbombed Pearl Harbor

What were Japan's actions in World War 2?

See the related links below for a comprehensive explanation about Japans actions in World War 2.

What happened to make the US enter world war 2?

Japans attack on Pearl Harbor

What was japans first sign of aggression leading to world war 2?

bombing of Pearl Harbor

What was japans main World War 2 battle tank?

Type 95 Ha-Go .

What is the difference between world at war and world at war greatest hits?

Greatest hits is for PS2