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Under Hitler, Jews weren't allowed to do anything except die. Michael Montagne I am a Jew. Hitler was not just off limits to Jews. He was so cruel that even his own officers were his enemies. SP

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Q: What were Jews not allowed to do to Hitler?
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Why was Hitler allowed to hate Jews?

Who or what was there to stop him?

Laws that allowed Germans to exterminate Jews?


Why did Hitler think Jews were not allowed to live?

because he didn't like them

How did Hitler segregate the Jews?

Hitler had placed Jews in a bordered-off corner of a city called a "ghetto" in which they had curfews of when to be home, and eventually not allowed to leave at all.

Were Jews allowed in the Hitler Youth?

Absolutely not. The Jews were primarily who the Hitler's Youth hunted to turn in to authorities for extermination.

What were the Jews allowed to do before Hitler came to power?

Everything other races could.

What was the Germans opinion of Jews?

Germans hated Jews because they were jealous which is why Hitler said that Jews werent allowed to have over a certain amount in the Jewish homes. Other Germans didnt agree with Hitler but were not able to do anything about it.

What hopes did Hitler have for the Olympics of 1936?

Hitler hopes that since Jews weren't allowed to go they would be be killed and if they were killed than Hitler would be getting what he wanted.

Did Jews hurt Adolph Hitler?

No. Jews did not hurt Hitler. Hitler annihilated 6,000,000 Jews.

What was the situation in Germany that allowed a nazi take over?

The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive. The economy was failing, and Hitler gave them someone to blame it on...the Jews. Hitler was also very influential and persuasive.

What could Jews do and not do during World War 2?

Before Hitler become leader Jews were ordered to wear gold stars and were restricted as to where they could go and how they could get there. After Hitler become the leader Jews were put in concentration camps that they were not allowed to leave.

What did hitler think of the jews as?

Hitler thought of Jews as vermin.

What factors allowed Hitler to become the dictator of Germany?

Germany was poor after ww1 so he blamed the jews

Why Jews help Hitler in elections?

No Jews 'helped Hitler in elections'.

When did Hitler eliminate Jews?

When did Hitler begin to eliminate the Jews in Europe

Why did Hitler torture those who helped the Jews?

Hitler hated the Jews.

How did the Jews beat Hitler?

The Jews did not beat Hitler. Conversely, the Jews were slaughtered en masse by Hitler and the Nazis. Hitler and the Nazis were defeated by the Allied Powers in 1945.

Why did Hitler kill the Jews in gas chambers?

Hitler chose to exterminate the Jews in gas chambers because it was a more faster and efficent way of getting rid of them. It also allowed Germany to avoid wasting precious bullets and it allowed them to preserve Jews' clothing and shoes. In many ways, Hitler saw the Jews as vermin, so he gassed them just as most people would gas cockroaches. However, it was not only the Jews who were executed this way, but Slavs, Homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, and several other discriminated groups.

Why do Jews hate Hitler?

The Jews hated Hitler because they put them in consentration camps and Hitler has killed over 8 million Jews

How did Hitler manipulate the Jews?

Hitler didn't manipulate the Jews, he tried to annihilate them.

In what year did Hitler kill Jews?

Hitler killed Jews in 1941 and 1945.

How did Hitler start treating Jews in 1935?

Hitler treated jews badly

What was Hitler using the jews as?

Hitler used the Jews as a SCAPEGOAT for Germany's problems.

Why did Hitler attempt to eliminate all the Jews of the world?

Hitler attempted to eliminate all the Jews of the world for a couple of reasons. Hitler did not like the Jews.

Did Jews hate Hitler?

Hitler killed many Jews, so yes, Jews hated Hitler. But not necessarily. If you want to know, you should ask them. In many households, Hitler is not talked about or thought about.