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What were King Kong bigger than?

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Everything except the building he tried to climb.

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Is King Kong bigger than Bigfoot?

Yes, MUCH much bigger.

Who is bigger King Kong or Godzilla?

Godzilla. he is taller than buildings wherein King Kong is around the size of a building.

Who is bigger a T-Rex or King Kong?

king kong

Who is bigger hulk our king kong?

King Kong (especially if your talking about Peter Jackson's Kong)

Can gignatosaurs kill King Kong?

Probably, gignatosaurs is large and strong enough to kill king kong, since gignatosaurs is bigger than t-rex.

Can Donkey Kong defeat King Kong?

Who knows. They're as strong as each other. King Kong is bigger but Donkey Kong is smarter.

Can spinosuars kill King Kong?

Yes. Spinosaurs, which was bigger and faster than T-Rex, had longer claws that are fast and sharp enough to wound king kong.

Did Godzilla loose his fight with King Kong?

In the King Kong vs. Godzilla movie, yes he did. But now, he would lose. Godzilla is like 30,000 times bigger than King Kong, he has atomic breath, and he doesn't die for any blonde girls like king kong.

Who is bigger Mighty Joe Young or King Kong?

It may depend on which movie version of King Kong you're referring to, for instance in the most recent [Skull Island] Kong is 100 feet tall which easily dwarfs Mighty Joe Young but even the original 1933 Kong was bigger than Joe.

Which is bigger King Kong or blue whale?

Blue whale, as King Kong is a fictional character, made for the movies.

Who is stronger Mighty Joe Young or King Kong?

King Kong because he can kill dinosaurs and he's way bigger.

Is Aurora bigger than Hong Kong?


Is London bigger than Hong Kong?

London is larger than Hong Kong (8,000,000 to 7,000,000).

Is Godzilla stronger than King Kong?

Yes. Godzilla is much stronger thnn King Kong, not to mention much bigger. Yeah, and I don't see Godzilla ever falling in love with some girl and DYING because of it. That's right, King Kong is dead and Godzilla is NOT!!! Godzilla is definitely stronger.

Who would win King Kong or hulk?

well if you asked me king Kong is taller, bigger, and more destructive. hulk doesn't stand a change against king Kong. tip. hulk could grab a building and hit king KONG and send him into water. than hulk will not be done with him we all know that by then hulk will be 32 ft and thow 2 full power punchs.

Is Hong Kong bigger than Aurora?


Is king size bigger than queen size?

The king is bigger.

What movie is king kong in?

"King Kong" (1933). "King Kong" (1976). "King Kong Lives" (1986). "King Kong" (2005).

How many King Kong movies has been made?

8 movies King Kong Son of Kong Konga King Kong vs. Godzilla King Kong Escapes King Kong (Remake) King Kong Lives King Kong (Remake)

What is worse than King Kong?


Is a Queen Size bed bigger than a king size bed?

No, a king-size is bigger than a queen-size.

Who would win a fight between King Kong or Godzilla?

Now, I Know Lots Of People Say That Godzilla Wins Just Because Godzilla Is Bigger Than King Kong. I'm Talking About The Same Size As Each Over. In My Terms, Kong. Kong Is MUCH More Intelligent And Like Godzilla Is So Dim Witted That Godzilla Can Think A Building As A Back Scratcher. And Also, Kong Has Defeated MANY Dinosaurs And Other Creatures. King Kong Might As Well Dodge The Breath Of Godzilla And Might Throw A Building At Godzilla. King Kong Is Faster Than Godzilla While Godzilla Just Lumbers Around. King Kong Has More Stamina Than Godzilla. Godzilla Is Not Very Good At Stuff Like Punching And Kicking And He Has Thick Legs That Are Very Bad At Kicking.

Who would win King Kong or bumblebee?

answer 1 king kong + bumblebee = king kong answer 2 bumblebee + king kong = bumblebee

Is Donkey Kong King Kong?

no, donkey kong is a cartoon character from the Mario games. King kong is an ape in the movie King Kong.

Who played king kong in the movie king kong?

In the 2005 version of King Kong, Andy Serkis plays Kong.