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Find a waterway path to the Pacific Ocean, map the west, make peace with the indians are there three main goals and the last one im not sure about

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Q: What were Lewis and Clark's four main goals on the expedition?
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What animal did the Lewis and Clark expedition spend an entire day trying to capture?

Lewis and Clark spent an entire day trying to capture a prairie dog, after they encountered their first prairie dog city which covered some four acres on September 7, 1804. They killed one, then captured another alive by pouring a great quantity of water down its hole. The following April they sent one live prairie dog to Jefferson with the small party that returned downriver to St. Louis. Remarkably, the creature arrived alive.

What is a feline?

a furry ball which walks around with 4 legs.

When did the Lewis and Clark end their expedition?

In spring 1805, they continued to the headwaters of the Missouri River, struggled across the Continental Divide at Lemhi Pass, and headed west along the Salmon, Clearwater, Snake, and Columbia Rivers towards the Pacific. They landed at the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon on November 5 1805. Lewis and Clark, sadly, did not actually see the Pacific Ocean. They landed at the mouth of the Columbia River, Astoria, Oregon on November 7 1805. Lewis and Clark, sadly, never did see the Pacific Ocean. The day was rainy and foggy, and the Columbia River estuary was four or five miles wide and they could not see the Oregon side of the river or Point Adams at the mouth of the river in the distance. But they were close enough to have reached their goal.Clark makes a quick note the their reaction at the end of the journal entry for November 7, 1805:"Great joy in camp, we are in view of the ocean, this great Pacific Ocean which we have been so long anxious to see. The roaring or noise made by the waves breaking on the rocky shores (as I suppose) may be heard distinctly."The explorers began their journey home on March 23, 1806. On July 3, after crossing the Continental Divide, the Corps split into two teams so Lewis could explore the Marias River. Lewis and Clark stayed separated until they reached the confluence of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers on August 11. Once reunited, the Corps was able to return home quickly via the Missouri River. They reached St. Louis on September 23, 1806.

What has four legs sitting on four legs waiting for four legs?

a turtle

What is the adjective four frogs climbed on the log?


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When did Lewis and Clark have their expedition?

about four years ago

How many people where in the Lewis and Clark expedition?

about fourty-four people including seamon, Lewis' dog.

How many years did the Lewis and Clark expedition take?

The Lewis and Clark expedition last exactly Two years, four months, ten daysno, it lasted 1 year and eleven months.

What is the value of a commemorative nickel issued to mark the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The US minted four different nickels to honor the Lewis and Clark expedition's bicentennial during 2004-2005. In circulated condition, none are worth more than face value.

What is 4 goals called?

Four goals.

Name four cities you would pass through if you were Lewis and Clark's route today?

There are a number of present-day?æcities that Lewis and Clark would have traveled through on their expedition. Some of these include Kansas City, Omaha, St. Charles, as well as Louisville.

What is the value of a nickel with a boat on the back?

That's a 2004 Westward Journey nickel, which is one of four designs commemorating 200 years since the Lewis & Clark Expedition. It's worth 5 cents.

Did lewis and clark intend to discover the pacific ocean?

No, they had four goals. They wanted to, Map rivers, make friends with Native Americans, open up west to trade and look for northwest passage.

What are the ratings and certificates for Expedition Impossible - 2011 And Then There Were Four 1-10?

Expedition Impossible - 2011 And Then There Were Four 1-10 is rated/received certificates of: USA:TV-PG

Name four goals that Jefferson had for the Lewis and Clark expedition?

The main goal of the entire expedition was to find an all river route to the Pacific Ocean, which they didn't find. Other goals were: 1.) To map, measure and mark all rivers, streams, islands, other natural landmarks, etc. 2.) To establish peaceful relations with any Native Americans they may encounter 3.) To write down any useful information about said Natives (agriculture, food, clothing, laws, etc.) 4.) To record any new animals or plant life they may come upon 5.) To record the location of any mineral or metals they may find 6.) To record the climate, the temperature, and season dates of every day of the expedition

Is your expedition fwd or rwd?

Rear wheel drive with four wheel drive capabilities if you have a 4X4 equipped Expedition

How long was bartolomeu dias expedition?

a year and four months