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See website: Prisoner-of-war Camp (there is a list of POW camps on this site)

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Prisoner of War (POW) camps dotted North Vietnam (as they did in South Vietnam). The Hanoi Hilton was but one of them. It, like nearly all of the POW camps located in North Vietnam, contained shot down US airmen.

POW camps for Communist Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government, with US Military Policemen detailed to each POW camp. See site: Prisoner-of-war Camp.

The PoW (Prisoners of War) were kept either in PoW Camps or in some Concentration Camps such as Auschwitz.

McCain was a POW during the Vietnam war.

29,000 in Axis POW camps and 14,000 in Japanese camps .

Both sides had POW camps. Neither was fun. Read John McCain's or James Stockdale's book about living for several years in a North Vietnamese POW camp.

POW camps for Communist (NVA/VC) Prisoners of War were operated by the South Vietnamese Government: See website: Prisoner-of-war Camps.

John McCain is famous for running as president. But he also was a POW in the Vietnam War, and survived many refugee camps.

a POW is a prisoner of war.. The soldiers that were held in conentration camps and stuf like that

Allied soldiers were in German POW camps. German soldiers were in Allied POW camps.

After the Geneva Convention where they made the rules of war

Handed them over to US intelligence and the ARVN; ultimately to POW camps located thru-out the Republic of South Vietnam.

Aside from oil they provided POW camps and retaining camps

Possibly the POW Camp in Bataan, as that was one of the first POW camps for the allies, and one of the first experiences for Japanese forces on the handling of Prisoners of War.

yes. most of the time visiting was prohibited in POW camps.

The Confederate POW camp at Andersonville in Georgia was the most notorious.

The living conditions of the POW camps in Canada were said to be very good. The camps were in better condition than the army barracks. Canada has had more than 33,798 prisoners of war.

POW camps for the Japanese, but NOT in the Pacific. In the United States itself were POW camps held. They were for the Japanese whom were deemed spies for the Japanese government.

During war, when fighting against recognized nations; POW=Prisoner of War. During the Vietnam War, US POWs wore striped prison uniforms.

John McCain spent 6 weeks in a POW camp hospital. Overall, he spent 6 years in Vietnamese POW camps.

Prisoners of War; nearly all were downed airmen (shot down US airmen) over North Vietnam.

they either put them in concentration camps or murdered them!

There were about 600 camps in the us approximately 300,000 people in the camp. In Europe there were about 1000 camps and about 990,000 people in camps.

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