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When was John McCain a POW in Vietnam?

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McCain was a POW during the Vietnam War.

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John McCain, Republican candidate in 2008 was a POW .

John McCain spent 6 weeks in a POW camp hospital. Overall, he spent 6 years in Vietnamese POW camps.

John McCain is famous for running as president. But he also was a POW in the Vietnam War, and survived many refugee camps.

5 1/2 years.. From 1967 - 1973

Arizona Senator John McCain served during the Vietnam War and as a POW was a prisoner for five and a half years .

McCain was a POW for over 5 years in a Prisoner of War camp near the capital of Hanoi in North Vietnam. The POW camp was nicknamed, the "Hanoi Hilton."

McCain served approximately 6 1/2 years in the war, of which about 6 years was as a POW.

John McCain served in the US Navy for 23 years, from '58 to '81. He fought in the Vietnam War, where he was a POW for 5 1/2 years.

No. He was a POW in the Civil War.

John McCain was a Prisoner of War for 5 1/2 years, from 1967 through 1973.

Yes. John McCain killed people in Vietnam. Yes. John McCain killed people in Vietnam.

John McCain was in held prisoner in Vietnam for five and a half years. ----

Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain was created in 1997.

The book titled, "Faith of my Fathers", by John McCain & Mark Salter, may have some reference leading to that particular film.

John McCain flew an A-4E Skyraider in Vietnam.

Try, "Faith of my Fathers", by John McCain & Mark Salter.

Mccain does not have short arms because he was tortured when he was a POW in the Vietnam war. They are just short.

John McCain was in Vietnam as a naval aviator.

Nothing, he was a true war hero.

John McCain was a fighter pilot in the US Navy and flew combat missions in Vietnam.

lol this site is stupid ----------- Actually, this site is not. I am looking for an answer for this question, but if this helps you, he was captured in North Vietnam for a long period of time. I need to clear that up, though. He was held in a POW camp for more than 5 years.John McCain had two wives, and ran for pres. twice.

John McCain, current Republican Senator from Arizona, was captured October 26, 1967 when his fighter was shot down over North Vietnam during a bombing mission. He was badly injured. As a POW during the Vietnam War, he endured five and a half years of imprisonment and mental, emotional, and physical torture that left one arm permanently damaged.

Throughout his capture as a POW in Vietnam, he has claimed he had the support of his fellow captives, especially after he did not accept the chance to leave without his men. He comes from a line of Navy generals, and probably had mental survival tactics ingrained in him from the start of his career.