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John McCain

The 2008 Republican nominee for President of the United States and US senator from Arizona

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What are John McCain's war injuries?

John McCain did not follow instructions when he ejected from his plane after it was hit above Hanoi. Because he failed to tuck-in his arms while ejecting, both arms were broken. One leg was also broken at this time. When he was captured by the North Vietnamese after ejecting from his plane, his shoulder was struck by a rifle butt, and he was stabbed in the leg with a bayonet. ...
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What was John Jay's home state?

New York. John Jay, first Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, was born in New York City in 1745. His family moved to Rye, New York, shortly after he was born. Jay served on the Supreme Court from 1789-1795, when he was elected Governor of his home state. President John Adams attempted to entice Jay back to the Court, but Jay refused, claiming the Court had little power or prestige. He had also complained about the circuit riding duties...
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Do concession stands have to be inspected by a health inspector?

Yes, concession stands are subject to inspection by the health department if they are collecting money for profit. The local department will usually have a "schedule" of periodic inspections of different types, or may respond directly to complaints of unsanitary conditions. In some statutes, anyone selling food or beverages to the public is subject to health regulation and inspection, including any concession stands, caterer, church kitchen, farmers' market, grocery store or restaurant. Even a beverage or food vending machine may be inspected for...
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What is john boehner's salary?

His salary is $223,500 and listed on his website but he makes on average $900000 a year up from $750000 a year back in 2002. ...
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What causes swollen cheek?

Answer, Could be that you have an infection in your mouth. I'd recommend that if the swelling doesn't go down in a day or so, go see a doctor. ...
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How many votes are needed to win in the Electoral College?

A candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency. This represents a majority -- one more than half -- of the current 538 electoral votes cast. (535 for the states and 3 by the District of Columbia) (A tie vote of 269 for each of two candidates is possible. If no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes, the election is sent to the House of Representatives.) ...
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What is the difference between pro-choice and pro-lifer's view about the beginning of life?

At the center of the pro-choice / pro-life debate is the prioritization of values. . The pro-life perspective believes that life - all Human life - is sacred, and must be protected, and therefore an abortion of a live fetus (a "life") is a violation of this belief. The pro-life argument places life itself as a paramount priority, and all other priorities are subordinate to the protection of life. . The pro-choice perspective believes that a person has the right to control his/her own body,...
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What nationality is the last name Zarzar from?

There is certain theories or lets say stories about where does the Zarzar family comes from , most of them though indicate that they originally come from Eastern Europe , somewhere between Romania , Greece and Turkey, however ,None of these theories was proved. The Zarzar family is now Widely spread around the world but majorly in two areas : 1-The Middle East and specifically in Syria and Palestine. 2-South America . And you may find People with the name Zarzar across Western Europe ,...
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How tall is John McCain?

5' 7"
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What is the average age of the Academy Awards' voters?

Hellmans book of film (1969) alluded to the average age of academy members being 57 years in 1968.I would not think that has changed much! ...
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Is any mulch harmful to dogs or cats?

mulch made from cocoa beans can poison dogs if they ingest it.
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John Winthrop held what political position?

Governor, is the only thing that comes to mind. Apologies if its not what you were looking for. ...
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Could Barack Obama ask Al Gore to be his running mate?

Yes. Even though the Constitution only allows anyone to be elected to the office of President twice, no such limitation exists on the office of Vice-President. ...
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How old is John McCain?

US senator John McCain is 81 years old (birthdate: August 29, 1936).
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Who is the national representative of the United States?

Technically this is the US Secretary of State; at this time that is Hillary Clinton (but is subject to change). It is her, or her office, that represents the United States to the rest of the world. ...
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Is John McCain going to die in office?

The National Center for Health Statistics states that the average life expectancy of an American male is 72 years old, but varies based on life experience. John McCain just turned 72 years old this past August 29, 2008. = = If elected to the Office of the President of the United States, he will be the oldest first-term President ever elected. (Although, Ronald Reagan was actually one year older than John McCain when Reagan was re-elected to a second term in the Office of...
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Does John McCain have a tumor in his left cheek?

"The left side of McCain's face bears noticeably puffy scars from invasive melanoma, which was treated in August 2000. The cancerous tissue was the size of a dime and located on his left temple. Doctors removed the melanoma, as well as lymph nodes in his neck - which required a deep incision down his face - in order to be sure the cancer had not spread." ---From the Guardian "Along with his signature bright white hair, the most striking aspects of Senator...
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Why does John McCain's cheek look swollen?

John McCain was diagnosed with melanoma (malignant skin cancer) on his cheek 5 years ago which he says has left his cheek puffy looking. ...
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What is John McCain middle name?

Arizona senator and Republican presidential candidate's full name is John Sidney McCain III. His oldest biological son is John Sidney McCain IV. ...
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What effect does marijuana have on the eye pupils?

Very little is understood about the effect marijuana has on our eyes. Marijuana effects defferent people differently. ...