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There are so many achievements of the Inca which were also used in by other people. Some of the main ones include developing crops like potatoes, built extensive road system, they built a massive empire on Andes mountain range and so much more.

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Q: What were all the achievements of the Inca?
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What were the major achievements of Inca?

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Which development is most closely associated with early Inca achievements?

The development of a sophisticated road network known as the Inca Road or Qhapaq Γ‘an is most closely associated with early Inca achievements. This extensive network of roads connected the vast Inca Empire, allowing for effective communication, trade, and military mobility. The Inca's architectural marvels like Machu Picchu are also significant achievements of their civilization.

What were some of Inca's achievements?

Learning New Activities Each Day, Such As Weaving, Creating, And Building.

Is Inca a religious name?

No, Inca is not a religious name. The Inca were a civilization in South America, specifically in the Andean region, known for their advanced society and achievements in architecture, agriculture, and governance. The Inca also had a well-developed religion centered around the worship of nature and gods.

Which society do you think had the greatest achievements -the Maya the Aztec or the Inca?

It is subjective to determine which society had the greatest achievements as each had their own notable accomplishments. The Maya were advanced in mathematics and astronomy, the Aztec had impressive city planning and engineering feats, while the Inca were renowned for their vast empire and sophisticated agricultural techniques.

What are some cultural achievements of the Inca?

Some cultural achievements of the Inca civilization include their advanced system of agriculture, specifically their creation of terraced farming and irrigation techniques that allowed them to grow crops at high altitudes. They also had an elaborate road network called the Inca Road system, which connected their vast empire and facilitated communication and trade. Additionally, the Inca were skilled in engineering and architecture, as seen in their impressive stone masonry and construction of structures like Machu Picchu.

Did Maya and Inca and Aztec all have floating gardens?


What are 3 medical achievements of the Inca civilization?

i only have 2 but they were the first to have surgery on a human skull and to use anethesia. hope i helped!

What are all the physical regions in the Inca Empire?

Inca, Mynas, and the Antigua

What cultural achievements did the Inca make?

The Inca civilization made significant cultural achievements in architecture, including impressive stone structures like Machu Picchu and the Temple of the Sun in Cusco. They also excelled in engineering, creating a vast network of roads and bridges throughout their empire. Additionally, the Inca had a complex system of agriculture, including terraced farming and crop storage techniques.

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What were some achievements of the Inca empire?

The Inca had a comparatively advanced civilization. They created an accurate calendar and many metal tools and implements. They learned how to smelt metals. They also built aqueducts, pipes and channels to carry water, which helped them to irrigate crops.