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Q: What were art and music like before the renaissance?
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How did music relate to the Harlem renaissance?

how did the following relate to the renaissance;music ,literature,and art

How was Renaissance art similar to classical art?

it had perspective just like renaissance art.

What is Music is exclusively the art of?

Music started a long time ago, long before recorded history. During the Renaissance, a period of time when art, writing, and music were all further developed, it gained prominence and refinement.

Distinctive features of the European Renaissance?

Music, art and literature.

What was important during the Renaissance?

renaissance means rebirth; and what was impotant was that there was a rebirth in culture art and music. like Micheal angelo, Leonardo da vince, William shakespear

What was art like in the renaissance?

The changes in the Renaissance include: religion, art, philosophy, science, and literature.

General ideas associated with the Renaissance?

Art, Literature, Humanism, Music, Architecture,

What is in the Renaissance?

The Italian Renaissance was a time when many changes were going on in Europe. There was an abundance of art, music, and literature introduced at this time.

What represents the renaissance?

The renaissance represents the rebirth of art, science, music, etc. It was when Leonardo da vinci and Michelangelo were alive.

How does the Renaissance still affect us today?

The renaissance affects us today by giving us music, art, literature, and poetry.

What major factor characterized the English Renaissance?

The restoration of art, literature, music, and athletics.

The was an increase in African American art music and literature in the 1920s and 1930s.?

Harlem Renaissance