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What were castles built for in the middle ages?


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Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.


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No castles have been built since the middle ages

Castles were built in the middle ages to defend William of Normandy's armies and provide homes for them too!

Most castles in the Middle Ages were built over a span of a decade or more. They were built by masons and carpenters, mostly of stone.

Castles have a rather distinctive architecture, and were nearly all built in the Middle Ages. They were also politically and militarily important in the time.

Castles were developed in the middle ages because people thought that the kings and queens should live more wealthier than the peasant's. Therefore, they built castles.

because they were built in the middle ages and most of them are in good conditions


Earlier in the Middle Ages, they built fleets of ships to combat pirates and Vikings. Later on they built castles.

yes, stone keep castles were built in the medival times/ middle ages

They didn't become old fashioned, there were more castles built in the Middle Ages than at any other time.

The period in time when the Stone Keep Castles (Stone Castles) were built was the Middle Ages. This is because the Middle Ages started in the year 476 and finished in 1453. The Stone Keep Castles were built in the 11th century in about the 60s and 70s. They were replacements for some of the Motte and Bailey castles that were built in 1066 just after the Battle of Hastings by King William I (William the conqueror).

Castles were a necessity of the feudal economic system. When that system collapsed they were no longer needed.

Castles were built as a form of protection and were strongholds against the enemy.

Castles were built in England during the Middle Ages and the first ones were built in the 11th century. Most of the Castles remaining in England are dated between the 13th and 15th centuries.

Most of them were built in city's. This was through the dark ages to the middle ages. This is a stupid question think with your brain next time and stay in school.

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They had big strong castles that were built for battle. They had different types of castles: The Motte and Bailey, The concentric castle, The gun platform, The Square Stone keep

the castles in the middle ages were made of stone not wood because wood would burn easily.

because nobody had invented the small apartment yet

Bricks ...that's what castles were made out of

they haven't and the middle ages is irrelevant

Some people use the term Dark Ages to indicate the time from 476 to 1066, and the term Middle Ages for the time from 1066 and 1485. This question makes sense in that context. Castles of the Dark Ages were more primitive and were usually of motte and bailey construction, with walls built of wood. They could be built in a few weeks, but were not very strong and did not last very long. Castles of the Middle Ages (using this naming system) were built of stone. They took much longer to build and lasted better. There is a link below for more information.

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