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Papyrus and stone tablets

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Q: What were medical records and prescriptions written in ancient times?
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Which ancient time were medical records and prescriptions written?

Papyrus and stone tablets

In ancient times on what were medical records and prescriptions written?

Papyrus and stone tablets

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Did Ancient Egypt have written records?

Yes they did, however they were not the first to keep written records.

How were medical records kept in Ancient Egypt.?

Around 3000 b.c., people began keep written records. Some of our earliest forms of medical records came from Egypt. These records were actually drawings and symbols known as hieroglyphics that proved information on illnesses and diseases, treatments that were used, and operations performed during ancient Egypt times.

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How does a patient access his or her own medical records?

Submit a signed, written request to the doctor, hospital, etc. for your medical records. They are required to let you have copies of your medical records, but they may charge a fee.

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