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Q: What were saber-toothed tigers adaptations?
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What eats lettuce coral?

sabertoothed tigers.

What is an adult saber-toothed tiger called?

The real scientific name for sabertoothed tigers of all ages was smilodon.

Do Siberian tigers have adaptations?

yes they do type in to wikianswers adaptations of siberian tigers

How did the first people live during the ice age?

They would eat the ice if need be, and hunt wooly mammoths and sabertoothed tigers and eat them.

What is a white tigers behavioral adaptations?

What is behavioural adaptations of the white tiger

When did sabertoothed tigers exist?

They existed during the pleistocene (tertiary) era about 10,000 B.C.

What are some adaptations of white tigers?


What are a white tigers adaptations?

White Tigers camouflage with their stripes in long grass to hide from their predators

What type of behavioral adaptations does white tigers have to survive?

what type of behavioral adaptations does white tiger have to survive

What is a woolly mammoths predator?

Sabertoothed tiger

What is are tigers structural adaptations?

*stripes to blend in with the sun

What are the south china tigers adaptations?

It's is butt

What adaptations help tigers catch their prey?

Tigers have adaptations like long, sharp claws and sharp teeth that are designed to help them to catch their prey. Tigers also have stripes that help them blend into jungle areas to keep them hidden from their prey.

What are the obvious adaptations of tigers to its environment?

umm, stripes? stealthiness?

Are saber-toothed tigers still alive?

No they have been extinct a long timeThere have been several distinct species of sabertoothed cats through prehistory, all of which are now extinct.There was even one marsupial sabertoothed "cat." The last of the sabre-toothed tigers died thousands of years they are extinct, and they have been extinct for exactly 11.000 yearsThey did exist, but only in history. Due to the Ice Age and other complications the saber tooth tiger became extinct.

What are the structural adaptations of a tiger?

Tigers have an excellent sense of hearing, which is one of their major adaptations. Another is their stripes, which allow them to camouflage themselves.

What prehistorical creature did apes evolve from as cats of today large and small evolved from the Sabre toothed tiger?

Cats did not evolve from sabertoothed tigers. Rather, sabertoothed cats evolved from other cats. Modern apes evolved from miocene apes, which were somewhat similar. Miocene apes evolved from some lemur-like primate, or perhaps something like a lorise.

How do the tigers adaptations helped them survive in there envierment?

One adaptation that help tigers to survive is their incredible night vision! Tigers can see six times better at night than humans! Some other adaptations are their stripes which help them blend in with the grass, and their great sense of smell.

What were the saber-toothed tigers adaptations?

powerful forequaters, large teeth for hunting

What are some adaptations of tigers in grasslands?

they have black and white stripes to confuse their prey.

Where can you find eagle?

you can mosly find eagles in the anuses of a sabertoothed bear.

What are the adaptations of a white tiger?

behavioral adaptations are the way that white tigers act in there natural habitat or where they live. if your wondering what a physacal adaptation is it is physacal feturs.

What are adaptations and why are they crucial for plant and animal survival?

Adaptations are the things that plants and animals use to survive. For example, birds have wings to fly and tigers have legs to run.

How did sabertoothed tigers go eigstink?

because as it lived in the ice age it must have been adapted to the environment but as the ice age ended the tigers would have drowned into the melted ice or they were probably killed due to the heat and changes in the environment. It could have also had happened because most of their pray ( e.g mammoths) would have died so they could have had starved to death.

What was the name of the period after dinosaurs?

After the dinosaurs came the Quaternary period. In this period there was and ice age (the one you think about when you hear the word ice age) and mammals became the dominant life forms on earth. Mammoths, Giant Sloths, and Sabertoothed tigers lived during this period.