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In the 1800s girls mostly cooked, cleaned, ECT.

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Womens chores were cleaning the kitchen,cooking

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Q: What were some chores for women in 1800s?
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What are longhouse chores for Iroquois Women?

men and women did house chores it was equal

What chores did girls do in the 1800s?

mostly cooking, cleaning, and sewing.

What were the roles of men in the 1800s?

In the 1800's the main role of men was to provide financially for their family. Women were in charge of household chores, cooking, and taking care of the children.

Who did the chores in 1800?

boys girls women and men did chores

What were some chores that women in southern colonies?

women took care of children, cooked for the family and sew quilts

What roles did women play on ranchos?

Women on the ranchos had many jobs. Some ran their own ranchos and even worked with cattle. Women did much more on ranchos than chores, however. Some, such as Juana Briones de Miranda, owned their own ranchos.

What chores do women do at la purisima?

they nothing

What were woman not allowed to do in the early and mid-1800?

Women could not vote in the 1800s

What are some examples on the inequalities women faced in the 1800s?

An example of the inequality women faced in America in the mid-1800s is Women were prohibited from attending church without a male relative.

Why didn't men think women were good enough to vote?

women did household chores

What chores did women do in 1904?

In 1904, women did many of the same chores they had done for hundreds of years before. They cooked, cleaned, took care of children, and did the marketing for the family.

What do sixty percent of women want their men to do for them?

sixty percent of women want their men to do all of the women chores for the.....