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what were effects of the leaders for Japan

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Q: What were some effects of the leaders of japan in World War 2?
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What were some events that caused conflict have effects on new leaders?

New leaders

What were the names of some of the leaders in world war 2?

Adolf HItler - Germany Benito Mussolini - Italy Emperor Hirohito - Japan SchnoppS

Why were some Japanese leaders resentful of the Treaty of Versailles?

Japan had nothing to do with the treaty.

Who were some key leaders of Japan between 1500 and 1800?

obama and bush

Why were some Japanese leaders resentful of the peace treaty at Versailles?

Japan had nothing to do with the treaty.

What are some of the goals of American leaders?

World Peace

Was Japan severely affected by the Great Depression?

The Great Depression had not affected Japan as severely as it had other nations. In the late 1930s, she began to flex her muscles. The war with China in 1937 was just the beginning. Japan's military leader, General Hedeki Tojo, along with some other leaders, wanted to prove Japan was a world power.

What are some examples of significant world leaders?


Why is japan called an industrial giant?

The term "industrial giant" means a force in industrial production and trade. Since World War II, Japan has been one of the world's leaders in the modernization of industry. Japan's heavy industry reaches nearly every world market for metal and steel goods and mechanized tools. Their concurrent developments in electronics, technology, and computer control have allowed them to simultaneously develop some of the world's most sophisticated automation.

Who of the world leaders is a polyglot?

Actually, most world leaders are able to speak more than one language. Queen Elizabeth is fluent in French and German, Canada's leader, Stephen Harper, is fluent in French, most European and South American leaders speak English as well as their native languages. Not sure about Obama - he may know some Spanish. In the East, China, Japan, etc. several leaders are fluent in four or five languages.

Who were some world leaders in the 1850s?

ganges kan

Who were the top world leaders in 2008?

Some of the leaders were George Bush, Hugo Chavez, and Vladimir Putin.

Who are some famous world leaders?

Some famous world leaders include Barack Obama, David Cameron, and Karolos Papoulias. In addition, Tony Abbott, Xi Jinping, and Joachim Gauck.

World leaders of the 70's?

Some world leaders of the 1970s include Richard Nixon, Mao Zedong, and Lyndon B. Johnson. Additional leaders were Anwar Sadat, and Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

What were some negative and positive effects guns had in world war 1?

Douse Any One Know Some Negative And positive Effects guns Had In World War 1 ?

Who were the world leaders in 1997?

There were several world leaders in the year 1997. Some included President Clinton, Tony B lair, Jacques Chirac, and Nelson Mandela.

Who were some of the world leaders during World War 2 and how did their leadership impact the war how did their leadership affect?

I'm not super-sure of the world leaders but the warleaders are Winston Churchill, Josef (Joseph) Stalin, FDR, Hitler, Hideki Tojo, and Benito Mussolini :) Hope this helped at least SOME (: ~Sassy

What are some of the effects of world war 3?

there was no WWIII (world war 3)

What were some changes in japan after world war 2?


What are some good things about Japan?

Japan was in World War 2. (WW2) I think that is great!! Well kind of.

Why were some Japanese leaders resentful of the peace of Versailles?

Japan had nothing to do with the treaty.

What are some important events that hppen in world war2?

Some important things of world war 2 were attack on Pearl Harbour, The Atom Bomb on Japan, The D day in Normandy, and Japan entering the war.

What are some of the negatve effects of friction in your world?

Rugburn on your knees

What popular jobs are in japan?

Adult filmmaker, teacher and fisherman are some of the most popular jobs in Japan. Japan is the leading producer of pornography in the entire world.

What were some historical events in japan from 1980 - 2005?

there were a lot of wars the japan were in such as world war 1 and world war 2. they also tried to invade Germany