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What were the land marks in church history

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Q: What were some landmark events in the Church during the Middle Ages?
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What were some landmark events in Church history during the middle ages?

What were the land marks in church history

What events led to the weakening of the church during the later Middle Ages?

The church was weakened by internal conflicts as well as by quarrels between church and state. Finally, the great medieval unity of Christianity was shattered by the religious theories that culminated in the Protestant Reformation.

What was the purpose of sculptors placed outside Romanesque churches?

Many people living during the Middle Ages were not able to read, so the Church had artists place sculptures outside of the church the portrayed events that occurred in the Bible.

What major events happened during Henry VIII reign?

The separation of the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church.

How do stained glass windows represent the church in the middle ages?

They do not represent the church in any age, but depict certain people or events from the scriptures.

What events occurred during the middle kingdom?

egypt fell to Alexander (the great)

What were some landmark events in church history during the middle age?

With the Essenes when John baptised Jesus and He left his blood stained Sudarium to his favorite Apostle John wrapped aside from the Shroud of Turin... John 20: 5-7 as sung by oral tradition according to ASARIM.... The SUDARIUM was taken to Spain where it has been safeguarded ever since.

What does the church recall and celebrate during the church year?

we celebrate not only the important events in Jesus's life but also the in Mary's life and the life of the saints.

Which of these events did not occur during the Middle Kingdom in Egypt?

pharaohs spent egypt's wealth on irrigation projects

What two events during the middle ages revived European interst in the orient?

The renaissance and the crusades

When does track and field starts?

During an olymoics the track and field events always start around the middle as the first few days are mainly swimming and other events.

What events happened in the church?


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