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Some occupations in colonial North Carolina were:

Sewing, craftmen, artisticfeatureics, & fishing.

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There are so many things that colonial North Carolina exported. Some of the main exports include fish, lumber, cattle, crops and fur among others.

The Major occupations were manufacturing (ironworking and lumbering)

being an indentured servant (Google indentured servant colonial times)

People practiced different types of religions in North Carolina. Some of them followed the Presbyterian Church, others the Church of England and then in the 1740's was the practice of Quakerism.

farming and trading were two of the main male jobs. some females were teachers

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North Carolina is not a rich state. But if your wondering about Rich Square, North Carolina, that's just an area there. Some people might be rich in North Carolina and some might not be, but North Carolina isn't rich.

We don't know a whole lot about colonial north Carolina's physical features but we know down in the south they raised lots of crops, which means flat land and they had lots of lakes.

The University of North Carolina and North Carolina State are great schools in North Carolina with great reputations. The University of North Carolina is more expensive but it has an excellent reputation.

North Carolina is a state, not a country or a continent.

North Carolina is called the Tarheel State. North Carolina was one of the 13 original colonies. David Archeleta is from North Carolina.

The Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and the pamphlet "Common Sense."

andy griffith was born in north carolina

· Eden is a city in North Carolina

· Asheville is a city in North Carolina

· Indian Trail is a town in North Carolina

Yes but only in some parts of North Carolina.

The Empire Room and Carolina History & Haunts are some of the cheap venues in Greensboro North Carolina.

Teaching, nursing, cooking, midwifery. to name a few.

· No city in North Carolina begins with the letter I. However, Indian Trail is a town in North Carolina.

what are some of the leadind textile products that are made in north carolina

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In 1653, some Virginians settled in what would become North Carolina. In 1663, King Charles II issued a royal charter to eight nobles to settle the area south of Virginia. They created Carolina and included the previous settlement. However, because of internal problems, the crown took over the colony and formed North and South Carolina out of it in 1729.