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Q: What were some of Georges Seurats media used in work?
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What types of media are used in the US?

Some examples of media used in the US are television, radio, magazines, newspaper, and billboards.

What is a smart media card used for?

Smart Media cards are used to store information. They're less versatile than flash drives but can be used on devices that can read Smart Media cards, such as some camera models.

Culture medium used for any campylobacter?

There are many media which can be used to grow campylobacter some are;Preston media aka Bolton media, Campylobacter agar base, Skirrow's media, Karmali agar, and Columbia blood agar.

What are the Types of Media used in Advertising?

Some of these media include pamphlets, brochure, flyers, billboard, radio, television, internet, and some others.

What is a media center remote used for?

A media center remote can be used to control connected media devices. You can control your TV, Stereo, DVD Player, and some of the remotes can control features on your computer.

What is social media and what are some of the social media tools used by businesses?

Social media is a term used to describe connections between people and examples include facebook, chat, instant messenger, email, and websites.

What is the chemistry of common buffers used in microbiological media?

Some of the chemistry of common buffers used in microbiological media include amino acids and peptones. Usually, an acidic buffer is used.

What is a media converter used for?

A media converter is used to help convert copper cable signal into fiber optic cable signal to be viewed on a variety of media devices. Some older devices actually require a media converter in order to view a signal.

In what areas is Microsoft Excel used?

it is used to open spreadsheats & some media

What is media USED FOR?

The media is used for showing out information to the world. The media can be used for advertising, informing and many others.

In what field would one use media analysis skills?

Media analysis skills can be used in a variety of different fields. Some examples of fields that require Media analysis include social media jobs and advertisement.

Why mueller Hinton agar used instead of TSA?

Both this media share some characeristics.MH it is a vuniversal media used routinlly in bacteriological labs to test antibiotic resistence.

What are some uses of Windows Media Connect?

Windows Media Connect can be used for quite a number of various purposes. Its primary purpose is to share and stream media to a number of separate clients of Windows Media Connect.

What are the differences between potential use of media and their actual use?

Media can be used in many different ways, some of which have not been discovered yet. The actual use is how they are being used today.

What best describes a text in media terminology?

The thing media producers createAnything used to produce a media text.

What are some of the items you will learn in media training?

In media training you will learn about the proper use of media equipment and technology. You would also learn about equipment used to edit videos and other technologies.

Why is sodium thioglycollate used in lab media?

It is used as a reducing media. Thus minimizing the level of oxygen in the media.

What criteria should be used to select a network media?

The criteria used to select a network media is the type of media.

How is media used?

media is used in order to select and differentiate microorganisms

What is the purpose of mass media?

Mass media are the means of communication that is used in order to communicate and transfer information in general public. These can also a source of entertainment in some ways. The mass media also aim to educate people.

What is the name of the painting technique used by Georges Seurat?


What colours did Georges Braque use?

He used all colors.

Did Georges Seurat use oil or watercolor?

He used oil.

Has anybody used Georges Budget For Excel?

yes it is amazing

What word is used with a type of media and usually means the media can be used to start the computer?

The word used to describe a type of media that is usually used to start a computer is known as bootable media. This can include a DVD disc, USB flash drive, or floppy disk.