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We invented paper, printing, compass, and gunpowder, among other things.

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Q: What were some of the chinese inventions?
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How did the Chinese inventions helped life?

The Chinese inventions have helped in various ways in life. Some of the technologies we enjoy are as a result of the Chinese inventions. Chinese inventions are applicable in most areas of our lives.

What are some inventions made by Chinese people?

Some iventions made by the Chinese is gunpowder, paper money,pottery, and windmill.

What were some famous Chinese inventions?

Some famous Chinese inventions are gunpowder compass seismograph paper money fireworks

List the inventions of ancient Chinese civilizations?

list the inventions of ancient Chinese civilization

What are some achievements of Ancient Chinese civilizations?

Some ancient Chinese inventions are acupuncture, fireworks, the Great Wall, kites, paper, silk, and tangrams.

What were some Chinese inventions?

Movable type, gunpowder, rockets, magnetic compass, fireworks

What are two Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another?

There are many Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another. Two Chinese inventions that we have all used at one time or another includes paper and the compass.

What are some ancient Chinese Inventions?

We invented the seismograph, fireworks, compass, printing, paper, and gunpowder.

How did Chinese inventions help china to develop wealth and prosperity?

The Chinese inventions help china to develop wealth and prosperity by trading things with other country.

How did Chinese inventions change the world?

They are still part of our lives today like the compass, wheel barrel and the umbrella. The Chinese are still making new inventions....

What Chinese inventions allowed the printing of books?

The Chinese inventions that lead to the printing of books were paper and block printing.Before that, we would write on wood or bones and do everything by hand.

What are math Chinese inventions?

nope India



What are Chinese military inventions?

During medievalism, the Chinese invented gun powder and rockets.

What Ancient Chinese Invention?

Ancient China inventions

What were some inventions of the Chinese?

Porcelain, silk, paper, compass, gun powder, multiplication, iron casting, printing. Railroads back in 1557.

What inventions show that the Chinese studied nature?

The sundial, the seismograph, kites and acupuncture.

What were some of the inventions of the akkadians?

What are some of the inventions of the akkadians?

Which Chinese inventions were adopted in the west after AD 1000?

Which Chinese invention(s) were adopted in the West after A.D. 1000?

What were some inventions in 1840?

Some inventions are applesauce and pudding.

What were inventions in China 1750-1914?

Some inventions in China between 1750 and 1914 included the gas cylinder and gun powder modernization. The Chinese also invented a non-invasive neonatal test for Downs Syndrome in the middle 1900s.

These Chinese inventions allowed soldiers to fight on horseback?

The saddle and stirrups.

How has the Chinese inventions helped us today?

woulnt you like to know

How did Chinese inventions alter the course of world history?

They created Paper.

How did the Chinese use their inventions?

he Ancient Chinese were famous for their inventions and technology. ... Paper - Paper was invented by the Chinese as well as many interesting uses for paper like paper money and playing cards. The first paper was invented in the 2nd century BC and the manufacture later perfected around 105 AD.