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heskey is not real

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Q: What were some superstitions that medieval believed in?
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What are some superstitions that people believed during Shakespeare's time?

There were many superstitions, ranging from ways to avoid being cursed by a witch's evil eye to predictions for the weather. Many of these have persisted in folk tales and superstitions today, including the fear of black cats (associated with witchcraft in medieval England), the statement "red sky at morning, sailors take warning" and other such idioms.

What are some of the superstitions about wasps?

There are many superstitions about wasps. It is believed that if wasps build their hive low it is an indication of a hard winter with lots of storms and if they build high it will be a mild winter. It is also believed that if you are stung by a wasp this is a sign of bad luck to come.

What are superstitions or superstitions belief?

it is a saying of some persons

What were medieval superstitions on solar eclipse?

Most un educated medieval people thought that god was angry and that the world was going to end

Why should not believe in superstition?

Superstitions should not be believed simply because they are not true at all. Some are totally fake while others are coincidental at best

What does a medieval church tell us about the medieval times?

It tells us that many people were religious! Some believed in different beliefs but the main one was Christianity.

What is a philologer?

Philology is kind of like learning about superstitions, it is the study of superstitions Some people say it is about stories but some stories are not superstitions so that is wrong so get it through your head STORIES is not what it means!

Were there any superstitions towards disease in the medieval times?

Yes they thought that the devil was in the rats and the devil wanted everyone to die

What are medieval superstitions about vampires?

Dracula a character thought up by writer Bram Stoker in his 1897 novel of the same name.

How did they cure diseases in medieval era?

They would place superstitions over you and tell you to climb up a tree or roll a boulder

How did they cure diseases in the medieval era?

They would place superstitions over you and tell you to climb up a tree or roll a boulder

What were some ancient Egyptian superstitions?

They believed cats were sacred animals, which brought good luck but the black cat was a witch in disguise and was cinsidered unlucky to have it walk past you. :)

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