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St. Bridget of Sweden is recognized for numerous miracles throughout her life, including healings, visions, and prophecies. Some notable miracles attributed to her include the healing of the sick, restoration of sight to the blind, and conversions of sinners through her prayers and intercession. She is also known for receiving divine revelations and spiritual guidance, which she documented in her Revelations.

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Q: What were st Bridget of Sweden's miracles?
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When was St. Bridget born?

St. Bridget of Sweden was born about 1303.

When was St. Bridget College created?

St. Bridget College was created in 1913.

When did St Bridget die?

When did St. Bridget die? She died in 525 A.D.

What is Bridget St. John's birthday?

Bridget St John was born on October 4, 1946.

When was Bridget St John born?

Bridget St John was born on October 4, 1946.

How old is Bridget St John?

UK singer Bridget Hobbs, aka Bridget St John, is 71 years old (birthdate: October 4, 1946).

Are Saint Bridget and Saint Brigid of Ireland the same person?

There is a Saint Bridget of Sweden, but some people spell the Irish St. Brigid as St. Bridget. So sometimes people referring to St. Bridget could be referring to the Irish one, but just spelling it wrong.

How many miracles did St. George perform?

If St. George performed any miracles, there is no record of them.

When did Saint Bridget become a saint?

St. Bridget of Sweden as canonized on October 7, 1391, by Pope Boniface IX. St. Bridget of Ireland is a precongregational saint and was never canonized.

What is the sign of St. Bridget?

St. Bridget of Ireland is represented by:abbess, usually holding a lamp or candle, often with a cow nearbyabbess with her hand on an altar

What were St. Monica's miracles?

St. Monica was declared a saint long before the canonization process that requires miracles was instituted.

Why is St. Monica the patron of miracles?

Monica is the patron saint of several things but not of miracles. There is no patron saint of miracles.