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What were suana's used for in concentration camps?

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There were no saunas in concentration camps.

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concentration camps were used to make peoples lives miserable

The concentration camp was used as extermination camps,temporary way stations and transit camps.

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

The gas that was used in concentration camps was Zyklon-B. It is still used to this day, but as a pesticide.

Current Nazi Concentration Camps are used for exhbits and museums. A horrible sight to witness.

Concentration camps were built almost immediately after Hitler came to power. used as prisons and labour camps

concentration camps were places where Jews were kept in the 2nd world war and then the used to get killed there

the railcars were used to transport the people in the concentration camps to diffrent camps.

what was Hitler's purpose for sending Jews to concentration camps and what is a concentration camp.

There were concentration camps in the Holocaust. The concentration camps were basically work/death camps.

Mainly Germany, but they also set up concentration camps in other countries.

Hitler used concentration camps to kill Jew's. who he blamed for the loss of ww1.

Originally, the Nazi concentration camps were used mainly for political oponents of the Nazis.

Some Concentration Camps were used as Death Camps, gassing and cremating hundreds of victims at a time.

Concentration camps were used for forced prison labor, while extermination camps were built to kill all prisoners.

The main types of Concentration Camps were Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps.

No there are no more Concentration camps

Concentration Camps Were Widely Known For Exterminating Jewish Kind And Prisoners of War. Used in WWII By Nazis.

The term Concentration camp was first used by the British in the Boer wars. this was very different form the concentration camps used in Nazi Germany. they were not death camps but camps in which the family of Boer rebels were imprisoned so that they could not aid the rebels. However concentration camps have been used before this (only they were not called concentration camps) they were used by the Spanish in the 1860's even American soldiers used similar camps on Cherokee and other native Americans in the 1830's so this type of military tactic has been around for a long time, but the term is British. Evidently, there are no real differences, but rather there are similarities between the English and the German concentration camps.

The Nazi used concentration camps as a way to keep all the Jews and other prisoners together. Later on, in about 1940, many were converted to be used as death camps to exterminate the Jewish people.

Sometimes Jews were drugged or starved on the journey to the concentration camps. Also, they might have entered the camps at night, when they could not see the condition of the camps.

Concentration camps were used for forced prison labor, while extermination camps were built to kill all prisoners.

Both were involuntary but legal restraints on citizens. The concentration camps were further used to exploit their victims of their labor at the risk of their lives.

what are some examples of concentration camps?

Children under age 15 were generally not used for work in concentration camps ...

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