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In their history, submarines were called by many names such as 'U-boats', 'eel boats', 'plunging boats', 'devil divers', and 'pig boats'. Technically, and by size, the submarine is a ship, but it has been called a boat since its earliest days, and the term is steeped in tradition. Submariners almost invariably call their ships 'boats".

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Q: What were submarines called?
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What were submarines called during world war one?

The submarines were either called "submarines" or "U-boats." The German submarine was called the "U-boat"

What were groups of German submarines called?

A group of German submarines is called a Wolfpak.

What countries had submarines called U-boats during World War 2?

Germany called there submarines U boats

Groups of German submarines hunting together?

A group of German submarines is called a Wolfpak.

Are men in submarines called marines?

NO, they are called 'submariners' .

What is the study of submarines called?


What are scientists who study submarines called?


What country had submarines called U-boats?

German submarines were referred to as U-boats during the world wars.

What kind of submarines attacked pearl harbor?

Type A midget submarines. (It's a funny name but that's what they're called.)

What is a viewing device used on submarines called?

A periscope.

What country had submarines called U Boats?

It was Germany.

What were German submarines called during ww1?


Why do villarreal play in yellow?

But they are called the yellow submarines.

What do you call a ship that goes underwater?

They are called submarines

Were there German submarines that would sail around the Atlantic that were called wolf packs?

This is true. A wolf pack was a tactical unit of a group of submarines, not a type of submarine. German submarines were generically called U-boats for Undersea boats - literal German translation.

What is the favourite Spanish football team called?

They are called Barca and Yellow submarines.

German submarines that attacked ships bound for Britain were called?

it was called U-boat

Who invented the submarines used in World war 1?

Germany made the first submarines in WW1. They were called U-Boats, short for "unterseeboat" Most modern submarines are descended from The Holland, christened in 1897, invented by John Holland.

Was Germany the only country to have submarines called U-Boats in World War 1?

Well, only the Germans called their submarines U-Boats, this was short for the german word unterseeboot which means submarine.

What country in world war 11 had submarines called u boat?

Germany .

What were German you boats?

german U-boats were submarines. in German they are called Unterseeboot

What were Japanese vassels called?

Battleships, Aircraft Carriers, Cruisers, Destroyers and Submarines.

This is what the Germans called their submarines?

U boats- for Unterseabooten (under sea boats)

What country in world war 2 had submarines called ''u-boat''?


How do submarines detect enemy ship at sea?

By an electronic device called 'sonar' .