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Britain & Russia (USSR) were fighting Germany; China was fighting Japan.

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Who controlled the allied powers in 1941?

Great Britain controlled the Allied powers in 1941

What two allied powers remained standing by 1941?

U.S. and Russia?

When did USSR join the allied powers?

As soon as Germany invaded Russia in June 1941.

The European imperialistic countries of Great Britain France and Russia were called the?

allied powersAllied powersAllied powers.

Who were the Allied powers before December 1941?

Prior to December 1941, France, Poland, and Great Britain were the primary allied forces. Canada, Australia, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa, and joined them after 1939.

What country compromised the allied powers?

In World War II the chief Allied Powers were Great Britain, France (except during the German occupation, 1940-44), the Soviet Union (after its entry in June 1941), the United States (after its entry on Dec. 8-11, 1941), and China.

Who controlled more land the allied Powers or the axis powers?

allied powers

Was chang Kai-shek apart of the allied powers or the axis powers?

Chan Kai-Shek was the leader of Nationalist Cina, which had been fighting against the Japanese since 1937, but which only officially became allied in 1941.

What attack made the US Join the allied powers and fight in ww2?

The attack on Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941.

Was Franklin D. Roosevelt apart of the allied powers or axis powers?

Allied powers

Why was the usa in war with Italy in World War 2?

When the US joined the war in 1941, they joined with the Allied Powers. Italy was a part of the Axis powers. They had to fight each other.

What did Roosevelt and churchill draft?

The Atlantic Charter was drafted by Roosevelt and Churchill. It was issued in 1941 and all Allied powers agreed to its terms.

How can you use central powers and allied powers in a sentence?

In world war 1 the allied powers were fighting against the central powers

How did Italy become part of the Allied Powers in World War 1?

Italy joined the Allied powers when they saw that the war was going in the favor of the Allied powers.

Were the US allied or axis powers in World War 2?

US was the allied powers

Who were the allied powers and axis powers?

Allied Powers: USA, France, UK, China, Russia. Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan.

When did the Soviet Union join the Allied Powers?

July 12, 1941 after operation barbarosa in June 1941 this operation was the German invasion of the USSR. Then right after, The United States faught against the French

Who is powers were stronger than the Central Powers?

Allied Powers.

Who were the allied powers and axis powers of world war 2?

Allied Powers : the US , Britain and Russia / Axis Powers : Germany , Italy and Japan .

Who were the 5 members of the allied powers?

Allied Powers has 22 members, Axis has 7 members. :)

Allied powers during World War 2?

The allied powers were North America and Britain.

Did the allied powers win world war 2?

The Allied Powers did win WW2 in 1945.

Which nations comprised the Allied Powers?

Great Britain, France, and Russia united as the Allied Powers.

Who formed Allied Powers?

The allied powers consisted of the United States, France, England, and Russia.

Which totalitarian leader was initially allied with the Axis Powers and then switched his alliance to the Allied Powers?

Stalin .

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