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There was three bills that were passed against the KKK. The three bills were fight against the KKK, help blacks and kill them.

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Q: What were the Enforcement KKK Acts?
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Why did congress pass the enforcement acts?

to protect the south from the KKK

Which law did president grant support to help protect African American civil rights apex?

enforcement acts

Why did northerners join the KKK?

They often joined the KKK because of its strong support of National Prohibition and its illegal enforcement of prohibition laws.

What violent acts were used in the KKK?

torching and lynching

Why did membership in the KKK soar in the 1920's?

poor law enforcement and communications

What did congress pass to curb the violence of the Ku Klux Klan in the South?

A series of Enforcement acts

What happened in 1871 which temperoraily stripped the KKK of it's power?

The Enforcement Act of 1871 was ordered.

Why did the KKK try to keep blacks from voting?

The Ku Klux Klan did not want newly freed Blacks to vote because they wanted to intimidate them and keep them from positions of power. The Ku Klux Klan used many methods of terror and harassment to intimidate Blacks, but in 1870 the Enforcement Acts were enacted to prevent this.

What year was the enforcement acts passed?


What is a enforcement mechanism?

An enforcement mechanism is anything that carries out the intended acts of congress, which were bound to be ignored if not for the enforcement mechanisms.

What was the KKK like during the 1920s?

It was strong across the nation, largely, but not entirely, because of its support and enforcement of National Prohibition.

What made the KKK so famous?

they were the first to actually do violent acts but there were other clans and groups