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The United States was already deep in to the depression, and were mainly concerned with domestic issues at the time. Not to mention a strong isolationist social mindset.

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Why did californias becoming a state create conflict in the unites states?

Becuase the free states would out number the slave staes

Are there any oil reserves in the unites states?

It depends on what unites states you speak of.

Why did the Soviet Union not trust the United States?

The Unites States did not trust the USSR because of the fact that they did not defend them during the war with Japan and they agreed to the non-agression pact with Germany, specicifally Hitler.

How many states is there in America?

50 states in the unites states :D

By 1820 how many states were in the unites states?

16000 slaves were in the united states

What is the proper adjective of unites states?

United States is commonly used as a noun, but it can function as an adjective. For example: The Unites States Navy (describing which Navy) The United States border (specificing which border)

How many acres in unites states?

The United States' area is about 2,429,900,000 acres.

What is full form of US?

Unites States of America

Who is signified by USS?

USS= Unites states ship

What state was admitted to the US and gave the Unites states navy access to the pacific ocean?

California was admitted into the Union on September 9, 1850 becoming the 31st state to join the Union.

The document that is the highest law in the US?

The Constitution of the Unites States.

What countries are part of the NHL?

Canada and the Unites States of America

How many Americans died in ww1 and ww2?

The Unites States suffered 117,465 deaths in World War 1. In World War 2, the Unites States suffered about 420,000 deaths.

What conutry is south of the unites states?

Mexico is the country south ofthe U.S.A and joining the states.

In which states can a person own the land?

A person can own land in any state in the Unites States.

Does the US have a representative democracy?

yes, the Unites States has a representative democracy

Is America a democratic nation?

Yes, the Unites States of America is a democracy.

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