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There plans were to buy a zip ad go roll up some blunts and get zooted -Dubbi

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Q: What were the allies plans for the postwar world?
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What was the meeting at which Roosevelt Churchill and Stalin discussed their plans for the postwar world?

That was called the Yalta conference. Roosevelt died shortly after it.

Where did the allies meet to decide how to handle postwar Germany?

Potsdam Conference

In World War 1 why did the Allies refect Wilsons plan?

Wilson's vision of a postwar world was a bit out of place in the war being fought on the killing fields of Belgium and France

What were Italy's plans and goals for the future after World War 2?

The defeated countries weren't really in a position to plan ahead for postwar reconstruction.

Big three meeting to discuss postwar plans?

Yalta or Potsdam.

What importance did The Yalta Conference have?

It was a WWII meeting between the allies to plan the occupation of postwar Germany.

How effective were Winston Churchill's plans in World War 2?

they were so effective they made the allies stronger

What were the Allied plans for the postwar world?

The Allied plans for the postwar world included the creation of international organizations like the United Nations to promote peace and cooperation among nations. They also sought to establish democratic governments and protect human rights. Additionally, they aimed to rebuild war-torn countries and prevent future conflict through economic stability and cooperation.

What questions about postwar Europe did the allies face?

how to divide Germany. if they should let Stalin have eastern Europe

The postwar compensation the postwar Germany was forced to pay to the victorious countries after world war 1 was called what?


The zimmerman telegram brought the us closer to ending the neutrality in that it?

Revealed German plans to involve Mexico in the World War against the allies.

Explain the postwar economic plans of the Soviet Union and the results of these plans?

After the war, the Soviet Union put plans in place to rebuild the destroyed factors and its arms supplies. A direct result of these measures was a decline in consumer goods.