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Cures ranged from the ridiculous to the more practical, and also contained some old-wives tale prevention methods:

  • Throw sweet smelling herbs onto the fire to clean the air.
  • Carry pockets of sweet-smelling herbs
  • Plague-proofing homes by putting glazes over southern windows to block the polluted southern wind
  • Sit in a sewer so the bad air of the plague is driven off by the even worse one of the sewer.
  • Drink a medicine of ten year old treacle.
  • Swallow a powder of crushed emeralds.
  • Bloodletting.
  • Place live hen next to the boils to help draw out pestilence from the body.
  • Drink a glass of your own urine to aid recovery
  • No bathing, exercising, or physical intimacy was allowed during that time
  • No sleeping during the daytime
  • Avoid sad thoughts or thoughts of death and disease
  • Victim gets washed with vinegar and rosewater
  • Don't eat meat, figs or fish, but instead eat fruits, vegetables and bread
  • Lance the buboes, and apply a mixture of tree resin, roots of white lilies and dried human excrement should be applied to the places where the body has been cut open.
  • Clean the streets of all human and animal waste; burn all dead bodies and excrement outside the village in a large deep pit
  • Pestilence medicine: Roast the shells of newly laid eggs and ground the roasted shells into a powder. Chop up leaves and petals of marigold flowers. mix egg shells and marigolds into a pot of good ale. Add treacle and warm over a fire. The patient should drink this mixture every morning and night.
  • Use of religion (i.e., praying to God) to end this Black Plague once and for all
  • And other things
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Q: What were the attempted cures for Black Death?
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What attempted cures worked for the black death?


Did the attempted cures of the black death work?

no they didnt

What real cures were there for black death?

There were no cures for the Black Death in the Middle Ages. The first cures were antibiotics developed in the 20th century.

What are some cures for black death?


In 1247 what were the cures for the black death?


What were the results of the cures of the black death?

they failed

Which cures for the black death were successful?

your mums

What were medieval cures for the black death?

pop the bubo

Black death cures?

well you eat lots of tomatoes!

What were some crazy cures for the black death?

There were several intersting cures for the black death. Medicinal marijuana, opium plants, and crack /cocaine were very good treaments during this period.

What were the cures to the black death in Medieval times?

Best Answer i don't know

Why did the middle age think their cures would cure the black death?

People thought that the Black Death was punishment from god. So their cures will work.

Medieval cures for the black death?

there really wasnt any cures for the black death because back in those days there wasnt as much technology as there is today so the people couldn't really find a cure for that

What did doctors do to stop the spread of the black death?

Basically, nothing, as their cures were ineffective.

What were the cures for black death?

When the black death was sweeping Europe, there was no cure. People sometimes recovered from it on their own, but many thousands of people died.

Why people have the black death?

Black Death was spread by Yersinia pestis bacterium. Which spread through fleas and black rats.

20 cures for the black death?

1. there 2. is 3. no 4. cure 5. !

What are the old cures and causes for black death?

they thought that the black death was causes by Jews getting revenge, sailors who have brought it overseas and god punishing them for their sins

What were the cures for the black death in the middle ages?

the great fire f London cured the black death as it killed all the rats and burned all the fleas

What are the cures and treatments for black death now?

Keep washing and go and see a doctor Immediately !

How did the people try to control the spread of the black death?

They tried using cures, which didn't work.

What are old cures for the black death?

-crushed rose petals and water to drink -hold sweet herbs to your mouth to drive away the bad air -Sit in a sewer. The bad smells will leave no room for the black death smells -drink a glass of water of your own wee twice a day -open your veins and let a pint of blood to pour out -slice the buboes open, squeeze out the poison, then seak the wound with poo There is more info on question: "what were the attempted cures for the black death?". I learnt this at school during a history lesson, it was all tried in past! :)

What modern cures exist for the Black Plague or Black Death?

Doctors, scientists and biologists have found the cure for the Black Death. Antibiotics, paracetamol etc. We now have loads of cures for this. Back then, unfortunately, they didn't. People thought it was a punishment from God. So they did silly things to cure their buboes (because they were desperate).

What are the cures for black death?

The Black Death (Bubonic Plague's) cure isn't that good. There is a vaccine for it which is strongly recommended. The vaccine isn't available in the United States Of America though.

Is the black death around today?

Yes but there are loads of cures so it's nothing to worry about now