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The benefits of rebuilding Japan were so they can get there homes back and there workplaces back up running.Also so they would be able to continue shipping products to countries to sell.

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Q: What were the benefits of rebuilding japan?
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Who is the Minister in Charge of Rebuilding Education for Japan?

Hakubun Shimomura is the Minister in Charge of Rebuilding Education for Japan.

Who was in charge of the rebuilding of Japan?


Who was in charge of rebuilding japan?

Wel iam not sure

Why are they rebuilding japan?

Because it was damaged by an earthquake and tsunami.

When and how did Japan become democratic?

After WWII, The United States contributed millions of dollars to aid in the rebuilding of Japan. Part of this rebuilding was directed at the Japanese Government. The American Government did not wish for Japan to turn into a Communist nation.

When was Nagasaki rebuilt?

Rebuilding of Japan came after the surrender. It took 15 for the US to rebuild Japan.

How did the US bring the war closer to Japan?

By rebuilding their navy

How long did it take to rebuild Japan after the bombing?

It took fifteen years to complete the rebuilding of Japan after WWII.

Were the US and Japan in the cold war?

the US is most responsible for the quick rebuilding of Japan Japan and the US were very close in the cold war and still are

What were the economic effects of the atomic bombs?

Japan had nothing left and it took the US to espent bast quantities rebuilding Japan.

What are some benefits of a command economy?

Opportunity for rapid industrialization or rebuilding after a war/disaster

How was Japan treated by the US after the war?

Quite gently. US helped with rebuilding, etc.

What was the name of the plan for rebuilding Germany and Japan after World War 2?

The Marshall Plan .

How is Japan going to recover after the earthquake and tsunami?

They already have started to begin. by rebuilding their their buildings

Why did the US support the rebuilding of japan after world war 2?

They didn't want Japan to declare war on them again like Germany did after WW1.

What are the release dates for Rebuilding Hope - 2009?

Rebuilding Hope - 2009 was released on: USA: October 2009 Japan: 3 October 2010 (Refugee Film Festival)

What was America's main motivation for continued participation in the international arena after World War 2?

The rebuilding of Japan

What country did Douglas mac arthur rule?

None. However, he oversaw the democratic rebuilding of Japan after WW2..............

Asking questions about rebuilding Germany and japan and what where the conditions after war?

conditions after warpolitical controltype of government put in place by controlling authoritytopic of choice. something of interest to youyou have to be improved by the rebuilding of Germany and japanconditions after war

What are the benefits of rebuilding a Briggs and Stratton carburetor?

The benefit of rebuilding a Briggs and Stratton carburetor is two-fold. The first benefit is the experience you can by doing the handy work on your own. The second benefit is that you save money on labor expenses.

What are the benefits of Japan being an island?

its independent

Was there ever a different type of government in Japan?

Before World War II, the emperor had all of the power in Japan, and he was considered a god. The concept of democracy was part of the rebuilding process.

The financial cost of hiroshima after the atomic bomb dropped?

The A- bomb caused Japan 12 years and over 4.2 trillion yen of rebuilding! America helped Japan pay for the reconstruction.

How did the US treat the defeated axis powers?

Germany and Japan received help rebuilding, Germany had restrictions imposed following the treaty and Japan was forced into a democratic society with US aide.

What 3 benefits did the sea provide to japan?