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Q: What were the black codes and how they hurt African American?
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What were the black codes and how did they hurt African Americans?

Black codes were laws that let plantation owners exploit African Americans. it hurt them bedcause it was basically a new form of slaver

What did the KKK do to African American?

they did anything to hurt them

What was Hariet Tubman like?

Hariet Tubman was a nice black African American she never hurt anyone she only helped

How did the grandfather clause hurt African American from voting?

they cant vote

Who was hurt in the Boston massacre?

5 Colonist Died , The First To Fall Was African - American Crispus Attucks

Do African braids hurt?

yes they do hurt your hair if their really tight

Slave rebellions in the colonies were a result of?

harsh law controlling african american activities... ps my dick hurt.. but thats the answer by the way.

Are white people scared of black people?

Im African American and the only reason someone has ever said they were afraid of me is because they had seen me play football and didnt want to play with me because of how hard I can hit. I would never hurt anyone.

Will a black snake bite hurt you?

It depends. Many species of snake are black. Some, such as the American rat snake, are mostly harmless. Others, such as the cottonmouth, are potentially deadly.

Will black snakes hurt cows?

No they do not!

How did enslaved African American's help to hurt the confederate war effort?

By escaping and volunteering for service with the Northern armies. Even if they were not accepted, they were helping to diminish the Southern workforce.

Did medics treat the African Americans when hurt in war?

Medics treated all soldiers went hurt in battle.

How did the Europeans and the Native Americans each hurt?

How did the eropeans hurt the native american

Why Did People Hurt Slaves?

because they were black

Does black pepper hurt dogs?


What is Atticus worried about when he goes and sits in front of the jail in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Atticus is worried that the people of Maycomb will hurt or terrorize Tom Robinson, the African American he's defending.

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No, the spiders web is made of silk. It cannot hurt you.

Did the Black Death help the town growth or hurt it?

Hurt it for a period then when it was gone it helped it

How did phillis wheatley contribute to the American Revolution?

Phillis Wheatley was the first African-American poet published in the Americas, and the first published African-American woman. She did not contribute much to the American Revolution, but she was writing her poetry during the years of the Revolution. In fact, the publication of her poetry was slowed down and hurt during the war years. Her poetry, however, did often express the ideas and themes championed by the rebellious colonists.

What has the author Sam Cornish written?

Sam Cornish has written: 'Cross a parted sea' 'Sam's world' -- subject(s): American poetry 'Walking the Streets With Mississippi John Hurt' 'An apron full of beans' -- subject(s): African Americans, Poetry 'People beneath the window' 'Your hand in mine' -- subject(s): In library, African American children's writings, Juvenile literature, African American children 'Songs of jubilee' -- subject(s): African Americans, Poetry, History

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Yes, it does hurt. You might hear that Black Widow spiders have poison! They only use that on prey. If a Black Widow Spider bites you, do not treat it or it will get worse

How did the enslave African Americans help to hurt the confederate war?

i i dont know

How did enslaved African-Americans help to hurt to confederate war effort?


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