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idk i guess trade helped them with there social problems then they all whent to the mall to buy eachother friendship toes.

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Q: What were the causes and effects of European exploration of the Americas?
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What were the causes and effects of early European exploration?

They wanted gold and to be rich and famous.

What were Causes and effects of European arrival in the Americas?

Countries and populations were decimated. Fortunes were made. New nations were born. The world became 'larger'. Wars were fought. Alliances signed.

What were the causes and effects of the migration of europeans and africans to the Americas?

The primary causes of European migration to the Americas were economic opportunities, religious freedom, and the desire for political autonomy. The effects included the decimation of indigenous populations, the establishment of colonial systems, and the transatlantic slave trade, which brought millions of Africans to the Americas under brutal conditions.

What were the causes of European exploration?

to find a new settlement to start a new colony. George

Causes of European exploration?

Overall, the old saying of "God, Gold, or Glory" directly applies to this question about overseas exploration festival in Europe.

What were some cause and effects of European exploration of the Americas?

Causes: desire for new trade routes to Asia, spread of Christianity, thirst for wealth and power. Effects: colonization and exploitation of indigenous populations, spread of diseases, exchange of goods and ideas between continents.

What were the causes and effects of the slave trade?

The main causes of the transatlantic slave trade were European demand for labor in the Americas, the need for profit from cash crops, and the belief in racial superiority. The effects included the forced displacement of millions of Africans, the destruction of families and cultures, and the long-lasting impact of racism and inequality that continue to be felt today.

What are five causes and effects of World War 2?

1. German invasions 2.German sinking of Americas Ship

What are causes for french exploration?

Help !

Three causes of European expansion?

Three causes of European expansion are; economic causes, internal political stresses, international tensions.

Why was religious zeal one of the causes for European exploration?

Religious zeal was a cause for European exploration because some explorers sought to spread Christianity to new lands and convert indigenous populations. The desire to gain converts and spread religious influence motivated explorers to travel to distant lands and establish missions or churches. Additionally, religious conflicts in Europe, such as the Protestant Reformation, also played a role in driving exploration as rulers sought new territories to expand their religious influence.

What were the causes of christopher Columbus exploration?

he got lost in spain