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What is the difference between geographical mobility and social mobility?

Geographical mobility is movement between different places; Social mobility is movement between different social positions (e.g. from farm labourer to doctor)

How social mobility is different in the US than in India?


Why was social mobility more easily achived in the colonies than in Europe?

Because Colonies had everything but Europe didn't have nothing.

What was social mobility based on in the colonies?

Wealth, land ownership, and church affiliation. But mostly wealth.

How is spatial mobility a barrier to social mobility?

Spatial mobility is the rate of moves or migrations made by a given population within a given time frame. Spatial mobility can be a barrier to social mobility because spatial mobility segregates and divides races of humans into segments causing division. Division among people in our social society causes segregation, therefore, spatial mobility is a barrier to social mobility.

Examples of social mobility?

There are many examples of social mobility. A good example is President Obama who moved from a middle-class child to being a president. This is a form of vertical social mobility.

Social mobility and why is it unreal for many member in society?

Social mobility and why is it unreal for many members in society?

What were some the of the constraints on social mobility in the movie the titanic?

What are some of the constraints on social mobility in the film titanic

What has the author D J Shashikala written?

D. J. Shashikala has written: 'Social stratification and mobility in a developing Indian city' -- subject(s): Social stratification, Occupational mobility, Social mobility

Identify Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of social mobility and individualism?

identify Benjamin Franklin as a symbol of social mobility and individualism?

What has the author Lucienne Portocarero written?

Lucienne Portocarero has written: 'Social mobility in industrial societies' -- subject(s): Social conditions, Social mobility, Women

Was there social mobility in the feudal system?

There was no social mobility within the feudal system of the Middle Ages. Whatever class you were born into, you remained in.

Social class and social mobility?

the link between social class and social mobility is social class ia an open system which means people are able to move up and down the social hierarchy resulting in acheiving social mobility but people may also move down the social hierarchy resulting in a lower social class this may occur if a person loses their income , wealth or status .

What are the social customs for middle colonies?

There were a great many different social customs for the people in the middle colonies. It was polite to wave and say hello to your neighbor when you saw them for example.

What has the author Derek Gordon written?

Derek Gordon has written: 'Ethnicity and occupational attainment in Georgetown, Guyana' 'Class, status, and social mobility in Jamaica' -- subject(s): Social classes, Social mobility, Social status

Is there mobility in the social classes of the UK?

Very little.

When did Marcus Aurelius do to increase social mobility?


What is intragenerational mobility?

Intrageneratioal mobility refers to the social mobility within a single generation. By contrast intragenerational mobility refers to the changes in the occupations held by the people during the course of there lifetime or working careers.

How did Andrew Jackson hope to remove obstacles to upward social mobility?

Jackson was a self-made man and believed hes economic progress had been accounted for his own upward social mobility and others should follow in his example, therefore he did nothing to upward social mobility Jennifer =P

In modern society there is no social mobility true or false?

In every society, social mobility is possible. It remains true that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, but, the lottery is always possible.

Did the opportunity for social mobility exist in ancient Rome?

Yes! Trimalchio's story suggests social mobility. The system rewarded hard work, ambition and the accumulation of wealth, but there were limits.

What has the author Judith Nancy Byers written?

Judith Nancy Byers has written: 'Ethnic stratification and mobility in Canada' -- subject(s): Minorities, Social mobility, Social classes

What is the different between social background and ethnicity?

Social background is about influence our attitudes, behavior, life chances. Where Ethnicity is about history, language, religion, and culture.

Factors affecting social mobility?

education religion culture

How successful do you believe social mobility programmes to be in Ireland?