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Q: What were the characteristics of a grammar school in the mdidle ages?
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What is rainham mark grammar school?

It is a mixed Grammar school for ages 11-18 in Rainham

What did Benjamin do when he was youg?

The 15th of 17 children, Benjamin Franklin went to grammar school between the ages of eight and ten, and then worked for his father, a candle maker. He became apprenticed in his brother's printing business at age 13. He became interested in science while boarding with a chemist during his time in grammar school.

Which is correct grammar Latinos ages 18-29 or Latinos age 18-29?

Latinos ages 18-29

What are the characteristics of layer's ages?

well...magnium, tin, pearls, diamonds, and rubys are characteristics

True of false there was no intellectual progress during the middle ages?

There was plenty of intellectual progress in the Middle Ages. The age of universities began in the Middle Ages, and by the end of the age, there were over seventy of them in Europe. The first primary schools opened even as the Middle Ages were starting. King's School in Canterbury opened in 597 and the Beverley Grammar School, which opened in 700, was state run. There is a long list of important medieval inventions, and the Middle Ages had the Gothic period, with its great cathedrals and impressive stained glass.

What does the law say about going to school in New Jersey?

Compulsory ages for school in New Jersey is ages 6 through 16 for regular ed students.Compulsory ages for school in New Jersey is ages 6 through 16 for regular ed students.Compulsory ages for school in New Jersey is ages 6 through 16 for regular ed students.Compulsory ages for school in New Jersey is ages 6 through 16 for regular ed students.

Was school free in the Middle Ages?

No. There basically was no school in the modern sense in the middle ages.

What was William Shakespeare's grammar school?

The grammar school in Stratford, then called the King's New School had been founded by King Edward VI (Queen Elizabeth I's brother). Shakespeare probably attended it from the ages of 9 to 15 or so, from 1573 to 1579. However there is no documentation to prove that he even went to that school, never mind when. We can only guess from what was typical and from the fact that he had a good knowledge of the schoolbooks of the era.

What is the good ages to have a baby?

You will be of the appropriate age to have a baby when you can ask that question using appropriate grammar.

What are the age groups of middle school high school and college in the UK?

The UK doesn't have a Middle School. We only have Primary School and Secondary School. But our Primary school is a mix of your Elementry school and Middle school rolled into one. So Primary School age groups are: Nursery (not really counted, you don't have to go) - Ages 3-4 Reception - Ages 4-5 Year 1 - Ages 5-6 Year 2 - Ages 6-7 Year 3 - Ages 7-8 Year 4 - Ages 8-9 Year 5 - Ages 9-10 Year 6 - Ages 10-11 Then you have Secondary School: Year 7 - Ages 11-12 Year 8 - Ages 12-13 Year 9 - Ages 13-14 Year 10 - Ages 14-15 Year 11 - Ages 15-16 Year 12 - Ages 16-17 Year 13 - Ages 17-18 *Year 12 and 13 are not compulsory

What ages do Mexican children go to school?

ages 6 to 16

What current schools date from the Middle Ages?

The following is a list of currently active schools dating from the Middle Ages. There were a lot of schools that opened during the Middle Ages that later closed, especially in areas where a lot of wars were fought. England, with perhaps the greatest numbers of schools from the Middle Ages, is also a country less prone to invasion that some others. The following list does not include Universities, and probably leaves out a lot of schools (for example, none is listed from Italy, which seems absurd). The date used for the end of the Middle Ages is 1500, which, while arguably perhaps 50 years late, at least excludes non from the list some might want included.Denmark:Viborg Katedralskole, Denmark (c.1060)Metropolitanskolen, Denmark (1209)England:The King's School, Canterbury, England (597 )The King's School, Rochester, England (604)St Peter's School, York, England (627)Thetford Grammar School, Thetford, England (631)Royal Grammar School Worcester, England (685)Beverley Grammar School, England (700) - Oldest state school in EnglandThe Pilgrims' School, England (c.900)Wells Cathedral School, England (c.909)Warwick School, England (914)St Albans School, England (948)The King's School, Ely, England (970)Salisbury Cathedral School, England (1091)Norwich School, England (1096)Reading School, England (1125)Bristol Cathedral School, England (1140)Derby School, England (1160)Westminster School, England (1179)Colchester Royal Grammar School, England (1206)Lancaster Royal Grammar School, England (1235)Abingdon School, England (1256)King Edward VI Grammar School, Louth, England (1276)Ipswich School, Suffolk, England (1299) (first record of existence)Stamford School, England (c.1309 but re-endowed 1532)Northallerton College, England (1323)Hull Grammar School, England (1330)King's School Ottery St. Mary, England (1335)Bablake School, England (1344)St George's School, Windsor Castle, England (1348)Doncaster Grammar School / Hall Cross School, England (1350)New College School, England (1379)Wisbech Grammar School, England (1379)Winchester College, England (1382)Hereford Cathedral School, England (1384)Katharine Lady Berkeley's School, England (1384)Penistone Grammar School, England (1392)Chorister School, England (c.1400)Oswestry School, England (1407)Durham School, England (1414)Royal Latin School, England (1423)Sponne School, England (1430)Sevenoaks School, England (1432)Eton College, England (1440)City of London School, England (1442)Bridlington School, England (1447)St. Bartholomew's School, England (1466)Magdalen College School, Oxford, England (1480)Skegness Grammar School, England (1483)Stockport Grammar School, England (1487)Ermysted's Grammar School, England (1492) (first record of existence)King Edward VI School, Lichfield, England (1495)Loughborough Grammar School, England (1495)Queen Elizabeth's School, Wimborne Minster, England (1497)Finland:Cathedral School in Turku, Finland (1276)France:Lycée Saint-Louis, Paris, France (1280, formerly known as the Collège d'Harcourt)Germany:Gymnasium Paulinum, Germany (797)Gymnasium Theodorianum, Germany (799)Gymnasium Carolinum, Osnabrück, Germany (804) - founded by CharlemagneStiftsgymnasium Xanten, Xanten, Germany (exact founding date not clear)Thomasschule zu Leipzig, Germany (1212)Dreikönigsgymnasium, Cologne, Germany (1450)Iceland:Menntaskólinn í Reykjavík, Iceland (1056)Latvia:Riga State Gymnasium No.1, Latvia (1211)Lithuania:Cathedral School of Vilnius, Lithuania (founded before 1397)The Netherlands:Stedelijk Gymnasium van 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands (exact year of foundation unknown, but first mentioned in 1274)Stedelijk Gymnasium Leiden, The Netherlands (exact year of foundation unknown)Gymnasium Erasmianum, The Netherlands (1328)Gymnasium Haganum, The Netherlands (1394)Norway:Trondheim katedralskole, Norway (c.1152)Bergen katedralskole, Norway (1153)Oslo katedralskole, Norway (1153)Scotland:High School of Glasgow, Scotland (pre-1124)Royal High School, Scotland (1128 est)Lanark Grammar School, Scotland (1183)High School of Dundee, Scotland (1239)Aberdeen Grammar School, Scotland (1418) (possibly 1263)Sweden:Katedralskolan, Lund, Sweden (1085)Katedralskolan, Uppsala, Sweden (exact year of foundation not known)Wales:Ruthin School, Denbighshire, Wales (1284)