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well i do believe that there were only three classes that the hcinesses nvfsdyftwsetgfq gfwetoatyqr qw90r

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Q: What were the classes in the quin dynasty?
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Who were the Quin Dynasty's leaders?

The Quin Dynasty's leader was Quin Shihuangdi.

What time did the Quin dynasty appear?

There is no such thing as a Quin dynasty. There is however, a Qin dynasty, and a Qing dynasty.

Is Quin a dynasty?

No, but Qin was a dynasty.

When did quin dynasty die?

win did quin die

What imperial dynasty unified china?


Which king ruled for shortest period?

The Quin dynasty

Which dynasty is responsible for the great wall of china?


How did the quin dynasty become powerful?

There is no Quin Dynasty but there is a Qin, and they became powerful through Qin Shi Huangdi who was the first Chinese emperor in history. He was the first to unite the warring states.

Did the Quin dynasty make the great wall of China?

Yes, in fact, it was built during the Qin dynasty.

What two dynasties of ancient china came after the quin Dynasty?

The ming. Tsao

After Han dynasty replaced the quin dynasty what major changes did it make?

The Han dynasty was controlled directly by the central government and was call as the golden age of the Chinese.

What is a long line of rulers that come from a family?

A dynasty. For example, the Tudors, the Stuarts(BR), the Bourbons (F). the Quin dynasty in China.