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Russia and the united states were the main outside forces in the Korean War along with 19 other countries.

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Q: What were the countries involved in the Korean War and what persent of the people come from these countries?
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Who were the major people involved in the Korean War?

See website: Korean War

Which countries were involved in the Korean War?

Korean WarThere were many countries involved in this war. This includes, South Korea, North Korea, China, United States, United Kingdom, Turkey, Canada, France, Australia, Greece, Ethiopia, Netherlands, Thailand, Belgium and the Philippines. The total people who died in the Korean war is estimated more than 10 million, about the same amount of people that died in warld war 1.

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How were the different groups of people affected by the Korean War?

There were various types of people with many different cultural backgrounds being affected by this war. there were so many countries getting involved that it had an affected the people living in the counrty

How many persent of turkmen people are Muslim?

89 persent of turkmen people are Muslim

Who were other people involved in the Korean War?

north and the south

Who was involved organization people countries corpiration?

who was ivolved?(i.e organizations, people, countries, corporations

Which countries are involved in fairtrade?

No governments are involved in fairtrade, it is a worldwide movement of people.

Where can you find how Louisiana was involved in the Korean War information and Where can you find how many people from Louisiana fought in the Korean War?

Approximately 588 men from the state of Louisiana died in the Korean War. See: "Korean War Educator: Korean War Memorials-Index of States", for more information.

Does north Korean have rights?

The country has rights. The people have fewer then some other countries.

Who were the important people involved in the Korean war?

from an American perspective, Presidents Eisenhower and Truman and General McCarthur

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What was the social impact of ww1for the major countries involved?

World War 1 left the countries that were involved with a major distrust of people from other countries. Resentment was caused in countries such as Germany and Italy who lost land during the war.

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About 7 persent 700 people

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What did the countries involved in the Korean War other than the US do to help?

There were many countries involved in the Korean War. United States of America sent over 5 million soldiers to Korea before the conflict ended three years later, but the war also involved service members from nations including United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Colombia, Greece, Ethiopia, The Philippines, Thailand and Turkey. The UN and South Korea forces suffered a final casualty toll of 200,000 people, including 37,000 US servicemen, before the independence of South Korea was restored. -Michelle See the related link. It gives information on all the participating countries on both sides. A very informative and well researched site.

Are orientals circumcised?

Hardly any Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, North Korean, Laotian, Cambodian or Burmese men are circumcised. Most South Korean and Philippine men are, and Muslims in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Asian people in other countries, such as the US, may or may not be, according to the customs of those countries.

Can people from North Korea leave the country and if so how do they do it?

They cross the North Korean-Chinese border and try to escape to free countries such as Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Nepal, South Korea, and Mongolia. All of these countries protect North Korean refugees.

Does a lot of people likes Korean people?

I likes Korean people...

Why do people sometimes refer to the Korean and Vietnam wars as the Korean conflicts?

The Korean War is sometimes called the Korean Conflict, because the Congress of the USA never declared war. The Vietnam War, sometimes called the Indochina War was another undeclared war. It is sometimes called Indochina War, because it involved fighting in Norh and South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos.

Who was involved in the holocaust names of groups of people and countries?

Please see the related questions.

Why did allied countries not get involved in helping holocaust victims?

because they were looking after their own people

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Countries involved in the Antarctic Treaty are responsible for controlling themselves in their support of actions taken by people they hire to work in Antarctica studying the health of planet Earth.

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What important people were in the world war 2?

World War 2 involved many important people. By the very nature of this war many countries and their leaders, both of governments and armies, were involved.