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The Allied Powers.

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Q: What were the countries that fought on the side of Britain in World War 2 called?
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Which countries fought on the side of britain in world war 1?


Why are these wars known as 'world' wars?

World Wars were called World Wars because during the war, many countries joined and fought in the war. Most of the countries in the world fought. That is why they are called World Wars

Who were the big 3 countries who fought Germany in World War 1?

Russia , Great Britain , and France

Which 2 countries fought each other in the world war?

Germany and Britain! Britain won and defeated Hitler and put a stop to WWII

What are the names of the countries who fought against the axis powers in world war 2?

The major four were The United States, Great Britain, France and The Soviet Union. They were called The Allies.

Name of countries against Germany?

In the First World War, Great Britain, France, and Russia fought against Germany. Germany was part of an alliance called the Central Powers.

What countries fought against Germany and Australia-Hungary during world war 1?

Many countries declared war, but here are some countries that fought. America, Russia, Britain, France, Italy, and a few more.

Who are the 3 main countries Britain fought with during World War 1?

Ottoman Empire, Germany, and Austria-Hungary.

Which countries did New zealand fight with in world war 2?

New Zealand was part of the Allies in World War 2, so it fought with countries like Britain, US and Australia.

How much did britain spend in world war 1?

World War 1 was fought from 1914 to 1918 and involved several different countries. It is estimated that Britain spent $35,334,012,000 total for the war.

What countries was World War 1 fought in?

Like anybody cares what countries world war1 was fought am I right?

What countries fought on the allied side in world war 2?

The US, Great Britain,France,Soviet Union, and Canada.North Korea

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