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Slavery was the most important among them.

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2011-11-17 23:20:09
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What were the cultural differences between the Texas and Mexicans?

Slavery was the most important among them. See related questions.

How did Mexicans impact Texas?

The mexicans impacted texas because

How did the new Texas constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

How did the new Texas Constitution treat Mexicans living in Texas?

What similarities and differences characterized the migrant experiences of the chinese you san francisco the lindgrens in kansas the mexicans in texas and native americans?


What did they call Mexicans who settled in Texas?

The Mexicans who settled in Texas who speak Spanish are called Mexicans. Those who speak English are called Americans.

How many Mexicans lived in Texas in 2009?

About 9.1 million Mexicans.

How many American-Mexicans were there in 1836 Texas?

There are no exact numbers on how many American-Mexicans lived in Texas in 1836. It is estimated that in the 1830 the total population of Texas was only 20,000. About half of that number were Mexicans.

How did Mexicans influence Texas?

They didnt because mexicans are idiots and dont no what to do with anything

When did Mexicans come to Texas to live in it?

They always lived in texas.....

Who where the early explorers of Texas?


Are Mexicans mostly from Texas?

No there from Mexico

What did Mexicans call the Texas rangers?

The Mexicans called the Texas Rangers "Los Diablos Tejanos", which means Texan Devils in engllish.

Who were the Allies of Texas in the Texas Revolution?

Federalist Mexicans, Republic of Yucatán

What did Houston commission the Texas rangers to do?

To pressure mexicans to reconize texas

How many Mexicans live in Texas?


When did Mexicans come to Texas?

during the Alamo

What groups were involved in the Texas war for independence?

Texans (Americans who lived in texas) Tejanos (mexicans who lived in texas) Mexicans Maybe some native americans some black slaves

What did Texas do after gaining it's independence from Mexico?

Texas helped Mexicans in Texas, and started reconstruction.

Who was in charge of Texas in the Texas revolution?

the Mexicans of course. then the texans rebelled hence the texas revolution.

What was Mexican war?

The mexican war was a war between Texas and the mexicans for Texas becoming a newly independant country. Texas won and did not surrendur to the mexicans. The americans then later annexed Texas in 1848 in the treaty of Guadolupe Hidalgo

Why did the republic of Texas hope the US would annex Texas?

The Texans were right across a river from the Mexicans and they couldn't build upenoughforces to prevent the Mexicans fromattacking.

Who were the Tejanos?

Tejanos were Mexicans who claimed Texas as their home.

Was the first American cowboy in Texas?

yes they were Mexicans

Who won the first battle of the Texas revolution?


Who were here first in Texas Indians or Mexicans?