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How did the great awakening lead changes in colonial life and in the colonies relationship with great britiain n?

how did the great awakening led to changes in the colonial life and in the colonies relationship with great Britain

All of these people are MOST associated with what aspect of 18th century colonial life in British North America?

The Great Awakening

Is the great awakening an argument?

no it is a religious movement that swept through the colonies in the 1730 and 1740. It changed colonial religion and it also affected social and political life.

What was the seconded great awakening?

The Second Great Awakening was a religious revivial that focused on re-admitting God into one's daily life.

What was the name of the religious movement that changed the social and political life in the colonies?

The great awakening

Compare and contrast the great awakening and the enlightenment?

In general terms, the Great Awakening and the Enlightenment were both vastly influential movements that swept through Western Civilization in the 18th century and had effects that lasted well into the 19th century and beyond. Their differences are most striking, however, as the "Awakening" movement centered upon American life and was an essentially religious phenomenon, while the Enlightenment had its center in Europe and was essentially intellectual.

What effect did the Great Awakening have on religious life in the colonies?

it awaken the people's idea about religious differences

Married woman in the colonial era?

There were a great many women that were married in the colonial era. This was just a way of life.

Which was not an important aspect of the Second Great Awakening?

It diminished women's role in many areas of public life.

What continues to be influenced by the beliefs and practices of the Great Awakening?

The Great Awakening influenced American town life and religious life. It brought townspeople together and gave them something in common to rally around. Towns still harness that sort of energy during festivals or important town events.

What was the result of the religious revivals of the second great awakening?

(for APUSH) a strong influence in many areas of American life.

How did the great awakening influence on the philosophy of government expressed in the declaration of independence?

life libertand pursuit of happiness were the founding fathers

How old does a colonial person has to be to be a colonial in colonial life?

colonial medicine

What was the Great Awakening that occurred in the 1730s and 1740s?

The Great Awakening was a religious revival that was basically the resurgence of Protestantism in the American colonies. It more specifically involved a renewed focus on religion for the individual and changed the manner in which many experienced religious life within their congregations or group.

What document written by thomas Jefferson was influence by the great awakening?

The declaration of independence... the term life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness came from Locke's "life, liberty, and property"

What was colonial life like in the south?

colonial life was like a stopid country

What was the religious revival that began on the frontier and swept eastward stirring an evangelical spirit in many areas of American life?

Second Great Awakening

What Old World events affect Americans?

Such as the American Revolution, and The Great Awakening. Those both affect and have affected America throughout her life.

How was life like for a priest in Colonial times?

how was life like for colonial priests/preachers

Religious revival than began on the frontier and swept eastward stirring an evangelical spirit in many areas of American life?

the second great awakening

What Are The Positive Effects On Life?

Effects of what on life?

What were the American Revolution's social effects?

turning people against the older colonial leadership.having work as a largely private life.

How did the Second Great Awakening contribute to democracy?

It made the colonists wonder why they couldn't they change their government if they could change their most important aspect of life - religion.

What does a colonial life Smithy do?

it is a colonial life meaning for a perosn, and a long life person... actully.............. i dont know, so listen to this.

What was the life of the slaves on the colonial society in America?

slaves colonial society