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Crowding in cities

Higher pollution in cities


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The scientific revolution caused religious controversies, while the Industrial Revolution led to worker exploitation

more jobs were available most modern inventions come from the Industrial Revolution

A negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was crowded cities. Another negative effect of the Industrial Revolution was the unsafe working conditions and the exploitation of children to work in industries.

The industrial revolution had a huge effect on architecture, It managed to prove that Sir Max Carroll is a sex machine.

The biggest effect of Industrial Revolution is that it made America a much more urban country.

that the earth is going around every time

poverty, environmental dilution, stupidity and . . . IPhone!

many manufacturers and traders men enjoy wealth

i don't know thats why i am asking you guys

Three effects of the Industrial Revolution on the lives of the workers include creating pollution, shorten the life span of workers and increasing the gap between the rich and the poor.

It was more like all the inventions made and travel distances,industrial revolution was make a new generation better.....

The human population started to accelerate rapidly

The Revolution paved the way for the Industrial Revolution, as well as started the use of uniform laws in governments.

The industrial revoloution created lots of pollution due to smoke from factories and steam engines,

many differences are present between the French and Industrial Revolution, there is also an adequate amount of differences. The industrial revolution had long term effects, with goals that changed and progressed while the French Revolution had short term effects with set goals that did not change. French revolution included the overthrow of the monarchy and creation of the republic, while the Industrial Revolution resulted in factories, the increased manufacturing of goods and a rise in technology. This shows the the goals and objectives of the French and Industrial Revolution are very diverse. The French Revolution was mostly associated with violence and was a war which broke out between different; from family wars to wars between government and citizens. On the contrary, the Industrial Revolution was a period that wasn't particularly related to war.

The Industrial Revolution had a serious effect on prisons and prison discipline. There were new laws that brought about significant changes in the way prisoners were treated.

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