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South Korea was rebuilt to what it is today; a highly industrialized nation.

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Q: What were the effects on South Korea after the Korean War?
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Start of the Korean war?

North Korea invading South Korea led to the Korean war.

What are the effects of the Korean War?

Stopping communist aggression and preserving the ROK (Republic of South Korea).

Who did the US support in the Korean War?

Why?South Korea

Why was the Korean War called the Korean War?

simply because it was north Korea vs. south Korea

What happpen to Korean after Korean war?

after 6.25 war, they became North and South korea. the china helped north korea in the war, and the america and u.n helped south korea in the war

What lasting effects of the Korean war?

Korea remains a divided nation with a communist North and a free South.

How did South Korea do after the Korean war?

South Korea did very well economically.

Is the Korean war a revolution?

The Korean War, 1950-1953, was started by an invasion of South Korea by North Korea.

What war was caused when north Korea invaded south Korea?

The Korean war.

What was the effect of the Korean War?

The main effect of the Korean War was that Korea was separated into two different countries (North Korea and South Korea) NO! That was the result of WWII, relieving Korea of Japanese colonization. The result of the Korean war was less about land, although it began as an attempt to re-unify Korea, having drastic sociological and economic effects.

Who was Korean War against?

The Korean War was due to the Invasion of South Korea by North Korea. Later in this war, the Chinese came to the aid of North Korea.

How did the Korean War happen?

How did the Korean war happen?When North Korea invaded south Korea to try to get them to change to communism

Date of Korean War?

The Korean War began when North Korea invaded South Korea on June 25th, 1950.

What war was it when the US fought on the side of South Korea against China and North Korea?

The Korean War (Korean Conflict)

What was the official name of south Korea during the Korean war?

The official name of South Korea is the Republic of Korea in English, 대한민국 in Koreanwriting

Who was Korean president during Korean war?

South Korea-Syngman Rhee.(I am South Korea People) North Korea-Il Sung Kim.

Who caused the Korean War?

North Korea by invading South Korea.

What was the reason for Korean war?

North Korea attacked South Korea.

Why did the Korean War occur?

North Korea invaded South Korea.

Who invaded South Korea to start the Korean War?

North Korea

The Korean war was fought between North Korea and who?

and south Korea

How did he Korean war begin?

North Korea invaded South Korea

What happened to the border between north and South Korea because of the Korean war?

What happened to the border between North & South Korea because of the Korean war?

In the Korean War did South or North Korea win?

In the Korean War. The DPRK won defeating the American imperialists and south Korean traitors. But it is no over yet South Korea must be liberated from imperialist control.

Who won the Korean War and did South Korea become communist?

The US won the Korean War and South Korea is a republic similar to ours. The US did not win the Korean war. See "Who actually won the Korean War?" Better answer. South Korea won the Korean War With the Help of Britain, Autralia and USA Neither side won the Korean War, although at first it seems like North Korea was winning and then the South was. It was a tie because there was a stalemate for two years between the two sides.