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It was the decree for census, no room in the inn, visit by shepherds and wise men , the flight to Egypt.

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Q: What were the events surrounding jesus birth?
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What are the stories that contain a geneaology of Jesus and the events surrounding his conception and birth?

The Gospel of Matthew.

Which word describes the time and events surrounding birth?


What is The term describing the time and events surrounding birth is?

Yes, postnatal means after birth.

What are events surrounding a birth called?

The closest word would be perinatal.

What are 3 important events in Mary's life?

the birth of Jesus, the death of Jesus, and the rising of Jesus!

What are two big events that have happened on christams?

jesus's birth

What special events occur on Christmas?

The birth of baby jesus

What were 2 highly important events that happend in history?

The birth & death of Jesus

How does the Gregorian calendar label events that happened after the birth of Jesus?


Did the events in ancient china and ancient India happen before or after Jesus birth?


What significant events was Joseph involved in?

The birth of Jesus. He was the foster father who raised the Son of God.

Can you give a list of places in the story of birth of Jesus in the bible?

There are two accounts of Jesus' birth - both, of course, in the New Testament although there are many prophecies in the Old Testament which foretold his birth.The two accounts are inMatthew's Gospel Chapter 1 verse 18 through to the end of Chapter 2 which tells of the Wise men from the east, the slaughter of the innocent children and the flight to Egypt.Luke's Gospel Chapters 1 and 2, which tells first of John the Baptist's birth and the events leading up to Mary's pregnancy and Jesus' birth finishing with prophecies from Anna and Simeon about the nature of Jesus.Both birth stories are different but were written for different audiences and from different points of view. However, putting them together gives us a much fuller picture of the events surrounding Jesus' birth and so that is how they are meant to be read.