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they were called Voltaicpiles they were a very big battery that was carried over the sholders

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A battery is called an?

It depends on what batteries you are talking about, but most batteries are called dry cells.

Did alessandro volta invent the first battery?

yes, batteries of the type he made were called "Voltaic Piles"

When you first get a Wii are the batteries charged?

There are no batteries. It''s conected to your house.

What is galvanized batteries?

Alkaline batteries are called that on account of containing metals out of the Alkali group. They're a subgroup of Galvanic batteries.

How do you wire 6 volt batteries to equal 12 volts?

Assume that the two batteries are identical; connect the positive of the first battery to the negative of the second battery. The voltage output from the negative of the first to the positive of the second battery will read 12 volts. Such a connection of two batteries is called "wired in series".

What is a group of batteries called?

Actually a battery is a group of cells.Sometimes a group of batteries might be called a battery bank.

How do you replace batteries in a Hannah Montana toy horse?

first you find the batteries... then you take them out... next get refreshed batteries... then put them in...

What is a machine that recharges batteries called?

It is called a battery charger.

Who was the first person to invent batteries?

who really invented batteries?No one knows who really invented batteries but Georg Ohm was the first man to ever understand how it was made...... Alessandro Volta

The electricity you get from batteries and generators is called?

Batteries and generators provide DC, Direct Current electricity.

What kind of AAA batteries does a Shock Pen Use?

The batteries are called "AAA shock pen"

What kind of batteries do you use for your cellphone and were they on sale?

Different cellphones use different size, types and brand of batteries. Most of the materials used on these batteries though are Nickel Cadmium or as they are called Ni-Cd batteries.

What are some good brands of fast-charging rechargeable batteries?

The two major brands of rechargeable batteries are the NIMH batteries and the new battery on the market called the Eneloop batteries. They are highly recommended by the experts.

What is the current from batteries called?

DC or Direct Current.

What are the component parts of batteries called?

electric cells

What is a renewable energy often called?

rechargable batteries

How were the first batteries made?

The ancient Egyptians used two dissimilar metals placed in a jug filled with stale wine as the acid. These are the first known batteries.

Why are AA AAA C D and 9V batteries called alkaline batteries?

Because there the chemical inside the battery is alkaline!

What is a green plate battery?

It is very simple. Means uncharged and unformed rechargeable batteries are called Green plate batteries.

Which of these were first built by Alessandro Volta?

electric batteries

What is the first flashlight made of?

The first flashlight is made of flowerpot, lamp and batteries.

Which battery is knownfor the coopertop?

Duracell batteries are called coppertops.

Why did batteries use to be called piles?

Because it had piles of energy

How do you get batteries for the toy truck in shrink ray island?

you get it our of the remote but first you need to find a screw driver to get the batteries out of the remote

Wh y do you think AAA AA c d and 9v batteries are called alkaline batteries?

because they contain liquids and alkaline