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Electrical relays, and electric lights.

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Q: What were the first electrical devices?
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Who has invented electrical devices?

There's any number of people who have invented electrical devices.

What electrical devices do you know?

Transformer Motors CT,PT Genrators these all are electrical devices

What is the function of electrical devices?


What things need a electrical circuit?

Electrical devices need an electrical circuit.

What is a electrical node?

It is a juncture of 2 or more electrical devices.

Whats the difference between electrical technician and a electrical engineer?

A technician is one who installs or repairs electrical systems and devices. An engineer is one who designs electrical systems and devices.

What are the basic features of an electric circiut?

First, circuits have devices that are run by electrical energy. Second, a circuits has a source of electrical energy. Third, electrical circuits are connected by conducting.

What devices are based on the magnetic effect of current?

All electrical devices.

What is the difference between electronic devices and electrical devices?

electrical devices are things that are plug into outlets, like a blender. electronic devices are devices that carry electricity in it so that it doesn't have to be plugged in, like your cell phone or Game Boy.

What Purpose of electrical symbol?

Electrical symbols are used in electrical wiring diagram, signage on the electrical devices and motors

Can solar cells be used for operating big electrical devices?

It is not impossible. You may do some experiment. How big is the electrical devices do you mean?

What are the recommended mounting heights for electrical devices?

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